Exploring Hong Kong’s Hari Hotel – new luxury digs coming soon in “Asia’s World City”

Exploring Hong Kong’s Hari Hotel – new luxury digs coming soon in “Asia’s World City”
Source: Harilela Group

The travel industry has hit its most difficult moment this year with the COVID-19 pandemic, though with the strict procedures of the latest restrictions, Hong Kong may be allowing tourists into the city without the need to quarantine. Recently, commerce chief Edward Yau Tang-wah announced that government officials have been planning a potential travel bubble with 11 countries. Travelers would need to be tested for coronavirus before departure, though the details have not all been decided such as whether or not travelers with negative results would completely skip quarantine or simply spend less time in quarantine.

Soon, “Asia’s World City” might indeed be a destination for visitors from Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany and Switzerland. This news is especially good for the Harilela Group which will be launching its latest venture, The Hari Hong Kong, a new luxury hotel in the heart of Wan Chai this winter.

The Harilela family’s name is iconic in Hong Kong. The family patriarch, Hari Hariela, built a billion dollar company from humble beginnings as a tailor. The Harilela Group operates 19 major hotels in Hong Kong, including the Holiday Inn Golden Mile and the Intercontinental Grand Stanford, along with other holdings throughout Asia and two in Canada and the United Kingdom.

The group ignited the Hari hotel brand with the opening of the Hari London. The Hari Hong Kong will be a larger property with all the luxury elements of a 5-star facility, including 210 guest rooms with three specially designed rooftop suites. The hotel will host an array of features such as a state-of-art spa, a pool, and all rooms will have a rainfall shower in marble tiled bathrooms.

The architect and designer, Tara Bernerd, is known for her elegant and modern approach – in a sort of tribute to the Harilela origins, the design will have inspiration from a tailor’s layered material palette. The idea is to bring the class and style expected of London to the newly invigorated neighborhood of Wan Chai, which has been having its own renaissance trading its seedy reputation for a new trendy, high-end status.

Dr. Aron Harilela, who has taken over the reins of the family company as chairman and chief executive officer of Harilela Group, stated to Prestige magazine regarding the opening:

“The decision to open The Hari Hong Kong after a year of protests and the pandemic represents a vote of confidence in Hong Kong’s future as a city … We are excited to bring The Hari to Hong Kong. Our second property, the hotel represents a homecoming to the place I’ve always called home. Beyond a perfect night’s stay, The Hari Hong Kong aims to foster a deeper appreciation for the neighborhood and city – it will be the best way for locals to get reacquainted with Hong Kong and for discerning travelers who want to do more than scratch the surface of the city.”

When Hong Kong’s Hari hotel launches, Wan Chai will benefit from having two new fancy restaurants to add to its growing collection. A Japanese restaurant named Zoku hopes to be a place for guests to take a tour through Japan’s culinary culture with its take on classic dishes like tempura, robata grilled dishes and, of course, sushi. With a formal atmosphere of velvet banquettes for a sizable booth seating area, lounge and terrace bars, guests are sure to expect top-quality dishes and the freshest sashimi. Zoku means “clan” in Japanese – so despite its formal appearance, Zoku aims to offer service that makes all visitors feel they belong.

Japan is the most visited country by Hong Kong travelers. They love its cuisine and culture, but they also love pasta and the idyllic expanses of Tuscany’s rolling hills. Italy holds a top spot in the hearts of the Hong Kongers, as there is rarely a Western menu without carbonara in this city.

Hong Kong’s Hari hotel will have another on-site dining option – Italian restaurant, Lucciola. Unlike Zoku, Lucciola is described as a laid back atmosphere for the casual smart diner to gather with friends and family. On the menu will be traditional favorites with a connection to different regions in Italy. Even if you are not a guest of the Hari Hong Kong, you will be able to enjoy the Hari’s luxury at any one of its restaurants, as this hotel was built from a long established legacy of quality.

Address: 330 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong