Best Atlanta workouts that are COVID-safe

Best Atlanta workouts that are COVID-safe
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With the onset of the pandemic, so many of our daily routines have been thrown into disarray in the past seven months. Working out has taken a major hit since gyms and workout classes are some of the riskiest places in terms of potential for contracting the coronavirus. A typical group fitness class involves heavy breathing, enclosed spaces and moisture in the air, which are all conditions that contribute to the possible spread of the virus. So it’s not surprising that group fitness classes were one of the first gatherings banned by many local governments at the onset of COVID-19, and they are still a type of activity that should be approached with caution.

At this point in Atlanta, most gyms and fitness centers are open again with precautions in place, but not everyone feels comfortable diving back into their normal routines (especially with the pandemic still looming). Many people have instead pivoted to working out solo at home and using online/virtual programs to get a group fitness experience from home.

If you are ready to head out and try a group workout in person, there are a few options in Atlanta that have gone the extra mile to provide a workout experience that helps patrons feel safer during this time. We’ve found a few of the best Atlanta workouts that are COVID-safe for those ready to ease back into a normal fitness routine.

Interval training

For heart rate-based interval training, Solcioty Buckhead is a studio that has taken measures to make their patrons feel safe and create a sanitary environment for in-person workouts. This studio is in the heart of Buckhead and has been around for two and a half years. Some of the important aspects they’ve implemented to respond to COVID-19 include:

  • Only 12 people per class
  • Classes are physically distanced
  • Clients’ temperatures are scanned when entering
  • No equipment is shared between students during classes

Workout classes at Solcioty are varied with different types of workouts. Instructors are high energy, demonstrate exercises and offer alternatives as needed for students of different fitness levels. You can book classes through Class Pass, or check out their one-week free trial option.

Dance and strength

One way workout classes are enticing patrons to return is by offering great specials, and the studios that may have to try the hardest are those that are newer on the scene. To this effect, Inman Park’s newest fitness destination is the AKT Inman Park. This unique workout type has studios across the US, and Atlanta is its newest franchise location. AKT is a full body workout combining dance intervals with strength and toning exercises. Currently they have great specials including free class sign-up, 20% off memberships and $20 drop-in classes. Beyond these deals, they are working hard to bring fitness seekers a COVID-safe experience by adhering to precautions including:

  • Temperature scans of all patrons
  • Masks required in the lobby (but not during classes)
  • Separate equipment and space for every class member
  • Outdoor classes offered every day

Now could be the perfect time to try this emerging workout, especially while the studio is new. It is sure to gain popularity, and many of the upcoming intro classes are fully booked. New training programs are created every three weeks for AKT studios across the US, so if you do try this workout and get hooked, you’re sure to never get bored.


Combining elements from different exercise styles, Barre classes have climbed in popularity exponentially in the past five years. This popular workout style has actually been around for more than 50 years, originating in England in 1959. Classes blend ballet, Pilates and yoga to provide students with cardio and flexibility exercises that many students swear by. Its name comes from the bar used frequently throughout the class, and these are typically indoor classes with lots of heat and lots of sweat. Fortunately, Pure Barre Inman Park has adapted to the current pandemic climate by thinking outside of the box (or studio) and opening up outdoor classes. Additionally for indoor studio classes, Pure Barre Inman Park has adopted some COVID-safe processes includingl:

  • Every student has to affirm that they are in good health and have no known COVID-19 exposure before each class (the Good Health Verification)
  • Studio class sizes have been reduced to allow for proper spacing between students
  • Classes feature a contactless check-in
  • Pure Barre Inman Park is offering outdoor classes every Saturday (weather permitting)

The outdoor classes at Pure Barre Inman Park are currently going for the special rate of five classes for $99. This studio is also adding unlimited livestreaming to their studio-class packages to facilitate at-home Barre workouts as well.


For group fitness that is majorly fun, Zumba is one of the most enjoyable workouts out there. Those that participate tend to leave sweaty, as it combines Latinx and other international music with dance routines incorporating interval training with alternating fast and slow rhythms to improve cardiovascular fitness. This aerobic workout is usually done in a studio with groups and instructors, but due to the pandemic, some Atlanta classes have adjusted their format.

Fit and Fine, is hosted by instructors Kim Janke and Marquetta Dupree, who have more than 20 years of combined experience teaching Zumba in Atlanta. They have pivoted by offering occasional outdoor classes at Studioplex in the Edgewood/Old Fourth Ward neighborhood. These socially distanced outdoor classes offer students a way to feel safer outside of the studio and still get the great benefits of Zumba with some of Atlanta’s best instructors. Fit and Fine currently features deals on Groupon and directly with the instructors, so check out their Facebook page for the next scheduled outdoor or virtual class.

As COVID-19 has changed so much of our daily life, it’s important that we don’t let the disruption also take its toll on our health and fitness. If group fitness and in-person workouts are motivating to you, check out these options for ways to enjoy fitness classes safely during these times. Throughout the city there are some excellent options for group classes that won’t sacrifice your proper diligence over your health.

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