The most haunted places in Georgia to visit this Halloween

The most haunted places in Georgia to visit this Halloween
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With Halloween just around the corner, we’re all in the mood for getting a little spooky. Well, there’s nothing spookier than ghosts and hauntings, and Georgia has got its fair share of both. If you’re looking to explore some creepy spots, there are places all over the state to seek out paranormal activity. Check out this list of the most haunted places in Georgia for your next ghost-hunting journey or for some inspiration for the upcoming Halloween festivities.

Windsor Hotel – Americus

For more than 120 years the Windsor Hotel in Americus, has been a home-away-from-home for Georgia visitors. For more than 100 years it’s also been a permanent home for some well-known Georgia ghosts. This 100-room Victorian hotel has retained its original charm, but over the years it has picked up some paranormal guests. One ghost is reported to be the daughter of a former housekeeper who was pushed down the elevator shaft, and another is said to be the ghost of the longtime doorman. Visit yourself to see if you find more than hotel staff lurking in the hallways.

Oakland Cemetery – Atlanta

The massive Oakland Cemetery is one of the most interesting historic places in Atlanta. As the final resting place of nearly 70,000 people, it’s a place that’s sure to attract numerous spirits. Many of the graves are of unknown people, and there are also soldiers as well as enslaved peoples buried in this 40-acre cemetery. Some visitors have heard a military roll-call and even witnessed statues of soldiers coming to life at night. Whether these stories are real or just based on rumors, visiting this historic site could be your first step to finding out.

Fox Theatre – Atlanta

Since 1929, the Fabulous Fox Theatre in Atlanta has delighted guests with live entertainment and all sorts of shows, debates and performances. The history of this building dates back to before its construction when the area was a major site in the Civil War. Perhaps it’s this rich history that’s prompted so many ghosts to take up residence in the exquisite theatre. Well known ghost tales include that of Roosevelt, a former boiler room worker as well as various patrons dressed in Victorian attire. Catch a show here sometime and maybe you’ll get a glimpse of a ghost while you’re at it.

Heritage Hall – Madison

A historic home that’s more than 200 years old in Madison, Heritage Hall has its fair share of haunted lore built right into its walls. There’s a strange mark resembling a woman holding a baby on the master bedroom’s fireplace, where Virginia Nisbet died giving birth in 1851. Visitors report having seen her spirit and even hearing a baby cry. This classic Greek Revival Home is open to the public and is Madison’s most-visited attraction. Make a trip of it if you dare to face this infamous ghost.

Kennesaw House – Marietta

Buildings used as wartime hospitals are sure to be full of restless spirits, and the Kennesaw House used as a Civil War hospital is no exception. Built in the 1840s, it is said to be the home of nearly 700 ghosts of former patients. This building is located in the historic town square of Marietta and now serves as a museum where visitors have reported many strange occurrences. Visit the museum to see if you will be the next to have a close encounter with a specter patient.

Central State Hospital – Milledgeville

Another former hospital even spookier than the last (and just as old) is the Central State Hospital in Milledgeville. This site is not currently operational, but curious tourists and college students from Georgia State College in Milledgeville still find ways to explore the site where up to 25,000 former patients are buried. Opened in 1842 as the Georgia Lunatic Asylum, this site is a place where many are alleged to have been mistreated by the fewer than 50 doctors that served thousands of patients.

The Marshall House – Savannah

Considered one of the country’s most haunted hotels, the Marshall House Hotel in Savannah was for a time – you guessed it – also a hospital. Built in 1851, this former boardinghouse has retained much of its original look and features. Guests say they have seen the spirits of patients, including many Civil War soldiers, walking the halls. The staff even keep a record of reported hauntings on the premises – so ask one of them for more info if you dare visit this historic haunted lodging.

Moon River Brewing Company – Savannah

Savannah is Georgia’s oldest city. It’s no surprise that it’s home to many allegedly haunted places with such rich historical tapestries. One of the most famous is the Moon River Brewing Company, set in one of Savannah’s oldest buildings. It was first built in 1821 and known as the City Hotel. After many violent incidents over the years, including a shooting and a lynching, restless spirits have caused trouble here since long before it became a brewery in the 20th century. Moon River staff and guests report objects being thrown by invisible hands and even a ghost in the billiard room. For a tasty brew with a side of paranormal activity, a visit to Moon River Brewing Company promises a frighteningly good time.

All across the state you can find haunting ghosts and ghoulish happenings that hearken back to Georgia’s rich history. If you’re looking to get a little spooked while learning about Georgia’s past then a trip to one of these haunted places is the perfect plan for your next visit. What better way to get in the mood for Halloween than visiting some of the most haunted places in Georgia?

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