Discover Dahlonega, Georgia

Discover Dahlonega, Georgia
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In the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the center of North Georgia lies Dahlonega, Georgia, a town that began with gold and ended up a treasure trove of charm. For a small city with a population of less than 10,000, there are still a ton of fun things to do. Dahlonega, Georgia makes for a great weekend destination, and it’s within a 4-hour drive of Atlanta, Chattanooga, Nashville and Asheville.

It was the site of the first American gold rush in the 1820s, and now Dahlonega is home to wineries, a university and much more, as the town continued to grow and develop long after the gold rush ended. Check out this guide to discover Dahlonega, Georgia and make a plan for visiting this dynamic town soon.

Gold rush

Source: Flickr, Neal Wellons

Even the name of Dahlonega is tied to its roots in gold. Dahlonega was originally the home of the Cherokee Native American tribe, until miners trespassed their lands and illegally developed numerous gold mines – leading to the founding of the eventual boomtown. Sadly, as is the case in many places throughout America, these Native Americans were displaced by the miners. However, their legacy remained when the Georgia General Assembly chose the name Dahlonega in 1837, which is from the Cherokee-language word dalonige which means “yellow” or “gold.”

A legacy of gold mining runs deep throughout the town, and there are multiple historical mines that you can visit. At Crisson Mine, an open pit gold mine, you can view the machines used to process minerals in search of gold in the 1800s. You can also pan for gold and gemstones if you’re looking to get lucky yourself. Just outside of town, you’ll also find the Dahlonega Consolidated Gold Mine. In this historic mine you can learn about the history of gold mining, take a guided tour or try your hand at panning for gold.

To learn more about the first gold rush in America that led to the town’s founding, you can also visit the Dahlonega Gold Museum Historic Site. This museum is in the town square and houses a collection of gold-rush-related items such as coins, gold nuggets and panning equipment dating back to the 1800s.

Georgia’s wine country

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Over the past few years, Dahlonega has earned a new reputation as the heart of Georgia wine country, giving visitors a whole new reason to love the town. The area has the highest concentration of wineries, vineyards and tasting rooms in the entire state. There are even walking tours centered around wine – like the Grapes and Ghosts Wine Tour that visits different locations in Dahlonega’s square, sampling wine at each. The Dahlonega Wine Walk also takes you on a tasting tour through town. Several local wineries have on-site restaurants, so exploring the region’s wine offerings with a meal is an excellent option to make a day of your visit.

At least six renowned vineyards and wineries call Dahlonega home, each with its own unique story and vibe. Cavender Creek Vineyards and Winery is a farm-themed affair complete with a hand built log cabin dating back to 1820 and a diverse selection of wines. Just outside of Dahlonega is Frogtown Cellars, a 57-acre wine estate with a tri-level gravity flow winery. If a scenic view is what you’re after, then Kaya Vineyard and Winery delivers with its stellar location on the top of a 1,600 foot-high ridge with a 2,000 square-foot covered deck. For a culinary pairing to your winery visit, try Montaluce Winery and Restaurant which features artisan wines and an unobstructed view of the mountains and vineyards from their award-winning restaurant Le Vigne. A more European-style winery in the area is Wolf Mountain with an impressive cottage and collection of French winemaking artifacts. Finally, there’s Three Sisters Vineyard, which prides itself on its “back road” vibe and laid back reputation.

The great outdoors

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In its beautiful foothill location, Dahlonega has a natural setting to be admired and enjoyed. Dahlonega offers the perfect terrain for hiking, biking, riding through or playing outside. Yahoola Creek Park is loved by locals and visitors alike as it features plenty of sports courts and fields as well as several hiking trails for all levels. Around the perimeter of the Dahlonega Reservoir is Lake Zwerner Trail. This 3.5-mile (5.6 km) hiking and biking trail is used by avid hikers preparing for the Appalachian Trail, as it offers similar terrain traversing the lake’s shoreline and crossing a creek.

Near Dahlonega lies Cane Creek Falls State Park, home to a beautiful 85-foot-high waterfall where Rockhouse Creek makes its way into the impressive falls. There are two outlook points to view the gorge created by this powerful waterway. To visit nature via car, you can check out “Georgia’s Dragon” – The Suches Loop, a scenic drive that wraps around the base of Blood Mountain. This drive features mountain passes and breathtaking views as it goes through the middle of the Chattahoochee National Forest and passes many roadside restaurants and shops as well as Vogel State Park.

With so many fun and entertaining things to do, it’s easy to discover Dahlonega, Georgia. It’s a beautiful town with activities for everyone and enough to keep you busy for days. Or, you can just relax and enjoy the gorgeous scenery for a low-key visit. Dahlonega, Georgia is the perfect destination to keep in mind for your next trip if you like history, wine, good food or the great outdoors.

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