Bring in the New Year with Dr. Fern’s specialty gins

Bring in the New Year with Dr. Fern’s specialty gins
Source: Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour

Just what the doctor ordered – gin. In this case, Dr. Fern has all your ailments covered with a selection of specialty gin concoctions using fresh, local herbs and botanicals. A lifelong love and study of botanicals and nature led Dr. Fern to open his own gin parlor to help tackle the stress-related ailments of his patients with nourishing light bites, delicious coffee and herbal teas throughout the day, plus gin prescriptions at night to take away the day’s stress.

Of all liquors, gin has possibly the longest and most storied history. Long attributed with medicinal qualities, gin has been used for treating various “ailments” since the 16th century, though forms of the spirit have been in practice since well before that – back to about 70 A.D.

Christmas is officially over, but the Landmark Christmas Market Pop-Up is running through December 31, so now is the time to stop in for a gift for yourself. After a long stressful year and a busy holiday season, it’s time to treat yourself and bring in the new year with a selection of Dr. Fern’s artisan gins, tonics and bottled cocktails. From now through the end of the year, there are a selection of featured gins available at the market, and you can even have the bottle personalized with an engraving – which is great for a keepsake marking the start of a brand-new year.

 Dr. Fern’s specialty gins
Source: Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour

Amass Gin

Inspired by the contemporary surroundings of Los Angeles, this gin has been made with 29 organic botanicals to create its vibrant and fresh profile. California Bay Leaf and Cascara Sagrada give off fresh citrus notes, Reishi Mushroom and Lion’s Mane Mushroom deliver earthy umami notes, and Hibiscus, Cardamom, Cacao and Ginger contribute toward more vibrant, spicy notes. Available exclusively to Dr. Fern’s pop-up for HK$900 per bottle, this gin is also non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan and has no added sugars or artificial flavors or colors.

Kikka Gin

This unique Japanese craft gin is made by a Nara distillery called Yamato, which specialized in sake brewing in 1719. Kikka is made only with three botanicals native to Nara – Juniper, Yamato Tachibana and Yamato Touki. Yamato Tachibana is the first Japanese citrus fruit to arrive on the island roughly 2000 years ago. The fruit nearly disappeared and is an endangered species today. The leaves of Yamato Touki have been classified as medicine up until 2012, and the roots of this plant are still considered medicine. Overall, this gin offers a sweet citrus flavor with an edge of bitterness. This gin is available exclusively at Dr. Fern’s pop-up for HK$980 per bottle.

Procera Gin

This dry gin is the collective result of all the best ingredients native to Africa – native Juniperus Procera harvested (with the Kijabe Forest Trust, an organization founded to protect the native forests of Kijabe from poaching of both animals and trees) 70 km from the Procera distillery in Nairobi, which give off that distinctive nutty, earthy flavor; Madagascan Pink Pepper, and Moroccan Orris Root.

The bottle is handblown by Kitengela Hot Glass, the palm wood stopper is hand carved by Kenya’s finest artisans and finished with a piece of leather around the neck of the bottle. This edition of Procera gin is available at Dr. Fern’s pop-up for HK$980 per bottle or at Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour. We suggest serving this one on the rocks.

Four Pillars Christmas Gin

Last but not least, this unique Christmas gin is made from distilled Christmas puddings and then aged for a year in 100-year-old Muscat barrels. The “four pillars” of this gin are inspired by creator and founder Cam’s 4 favorite things – Australia, Christmas, gin and his late mother, Wilma, who would make her Christmas pudding on Victoria Derby Day. This gin is notable for its standout ingredients – Macedonian Juniper, Cassia, Christmas Pudding (Wilma used to refer to a 1968 Women’s Weekly recipe) and Cardamom (intense, sweet, slightly spiced like ginger). Both the 2019 and 2020 editions are available for HK$820 per bottle.

The Trimmings

While you are there, be sure to check out Dr. Fern’s selection of specialty tonics and unique gin and tonic glass to serve yourself in style. Dr. Fern also offers bottled cocktails made in-house like the “Doctor’s Martinez,” made with Porter’s gin, Dom Benedictine, sweet vermouth and  angostura bitters. Or try the “Chocolate Negroni,” made with Tarsier gin, Campari, sweet vermouth, chocolate bitters, white cacao and cacao nibs. You can get the party started for just HK$98 per cocktail.

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