How HIIT helps in full-body detox

How HIIT helps in full-body detox
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Exercising helps increase stamina, build muscle mass, weight loss, and nurture a healthy lifestyle. It also helps in detoxifying by flushing toxins out of the body. However, achieving all the aforementioned results requires consistency and dedication.

Our busy lifestyle makes it difficult to squeeze in time for exercise. That’s where high-intensity interval training, or HIIT fits in. HIIT involves bursts of intensive exercise with short recovery segments. It’s a buzzword today because it’s a fitting answer to the time crunch faced by busy professionals who want to stay fit but cannot find the time for exercise.

With all the benefits of exercise packed into a shorter time frame, HIIT is rapidly evolving to become the first choice of people looking to detox through exercise and stay active. Moreover, HIIT works on your entire body leading to a full body detox. It is also a versatile form of exercise that allows people of all ages to participate and stay in shape. Check out this infographic by Rubcorp that shares various workout variations for beginners, intermediate and advanced level HIIT enthusiasts.

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Let us take a look at how HIIT helps in full-body detox.

Improves blood circulation

HIIT involves bursts of high-intensity exercise followed by short breaks. This leads to rapid expansion and contraction of muscles in the body, allowing nutrients to reach all parts of the body.

Improved blood circulation flushes out toxins and reduces the stress on the heart, keeping it healthy.

Increases oxygen consumption

Regular exercise expands lung capacity. HIIT is a form of aerobic exercise. In other words, it requires more oxygen. This increased oxygen consumption helps detox the body by pushing out more carbon dioxide and burning more calories.

Increased oxygen consumption also has positive effects on the brain. The increased blood flow to the brain enhances memory and cognition and reduces the negative effects of stress.

Aids in fat loss

The subcutaneous fatty tissue stores a variety of water-insoluble toxins that we tend to intake daily. These toxins remain in the body, as they are tough to process. The increased oxygen consumption in HIIT helps burn this fat while retaining muscle mass.

Moreover, HIIT has a great after-burn effect or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption that cuts fat even when you aren’t exercising. Thus, it flushes out the toxins from the body in the form of fat loss, long after you are done exercising.

Encourages more fluid intake

HIIT makes you sweat more than your regular workouts because it pushes your body to work out to its full potential. This eliminates the toxins from the body in the form of sweat. However, sweating also dehydrates the body, encouraging you to take in more fluids.

The increased fluid intake is critical to balance the electrolytes in the body, move nutrients into your cells, move the waste out of cells and ensure that your nerves, muscles and vital organs work the way they should.

HIIT is the latest fitness trend for all the right reasons. It is a time-efficient form of exercise that allows you to stay fit without using any fancy equipment or visiting the gym. It allows you to stay healthy while having fun. So, if you want to detox and stay physically fit at the same time, HIIT is the answer.

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