Things to do outside in California during quarantine

Things to do outside in California during quarantine
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Considering all things pandemic, we’re beginning to see a portion of the world lose interest in everyday activities. If you’ve completely exhausted all of your at-home activities and lists of things to watch (or rewatch) on Netflix and/or Hulu, it might be best to put on some good shoes, a mask or two and figure out some things to do outside in California during quarantine.

Not everyone likes the outdoors. In fact, there’s a percentage of us who prefer to stay indoors and might not be interested in venturing into the outdoors. However, for those of us who are used to being outside and prefer to stay away from home, the pandemic’s periods of quarantine have been difficult. Fret not – there are still plenty of things to do outside in California during quarantine.

In California, where the sunlight occupies the sky for the majority of the year and the palm trees always sway, some time outside is nice, especially if you’ve been cooped up inside an office all week. Try it out – you might be surprised with just how good the sunlight feels on your skin and how easy it is to get taken over by the day.

The great outdoors

In the last year, a lot of people have been adopting new outdoor hobbies like running, climbing, biking, surfing, gardening and slack-lining – you name it. Your first go at it might not be your best, and you might even tire yourself out within 30 minutes of trying. But consistency is key, and if you’re out there working on it every day, improvement is always just around the corner.

If you’re in Southern California looking for a good place to start a daily outdoor routine, the city of Long Beach is full of lovely spots for your new agenda. Bluff Park, which extends a couple miles along the coast of Ocean Boulevard, is a popular seaside spot where the community is always staying active. Reaching about thirteen acres by the sea, this piece of land is one of the most alluring and lively parks in Long Beach, California.

The view of the Pacific Ocean never fails to please. On a clear day, sail boats are actively setting their sails out to sea and the horizon is a peaceful sight to observe. There are plenty of open spaces for you to try a new workout and beautiful long routes by the ocean for you to run, bike or even walk along. Come for sunrise or sunset and enjoy some outdoor recreation in the park throughout the day.

If you’re into yoga, every Thursday and Sunday a portion of the park becomes open to the community for a free one-hour session of stretching, breathing and meditation with Yoga on the Bluff. A yoga session overlooking the ocean? Can’t beat that.

Low-risk outdoor activities

Not everyone is ready to be as active as others while the pandemic is ongoing, so there are also plenty of low-risk outdoor activities to look into that are pandemic-friendly. You don’t necessarily have to leave your car to make the most out of the day’s sightseeing. Most restaurants and eateries are open for takeout or curbside pickup (or just hit the drive-thru), and drive-in movies/concerts are also becoming bigger by the day.

With a little research, you can call ahead, plan a meal or two for the day and set up a date for a lovely picnic. In-car picnics are becoming more popular (which makes sense), but for those who want to feel the grass in between their fingers, Los Angeles Historic Park has been open throughout the pandemic for anyone wanting to lay out on the grass with a blanket or two.

There are also several outdoor drive-in experiences in Los Angeles that you can reserve online. Street Food Cinema is a well-known outdoor movie series that has been happening in Los Angeles, but there are other options throughout the state for drive-in movies.

The outdoors aren’t for everyone, and during this pandemic, many people may prefer to stay home (which is perfectly normal considering the situation). But, for those who are actively seeking to appreciate the world outside, there are some great options for things to do outside in California during quarantine that allow you to enjoy the outdoors as safely as possible.

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