Best takeout West Los Angeles – restaurants you can support during COVID-19

Best takeout West Los Angeles – restaurants you can support during COVID-19
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From Sawtelle Japantown gems to a classic 1947 diner, the best takeout West Los Angeles has to offer comes from a food scene that may not sparkle like its more glamorous neighbors – but locals know and love these eateries. As with any big city, Los Angeles attracts a diverse population, and thus produces a wide variety of cuisine not often available in small-town white America. Be sure to support POC-owned restaurants – racism during the pandemic has sadly manifested in an unspoken boycott of Asian restaurants.

Restaurants obscure and bustling alike continue to suffer through these unprecedented times, especially with the government dragging its feet on providing financial support for small businesses. Most states pressed pause on dining in, further limiting revenue. Despite outdoor seating options, restaurants rake in the bulk of their business from third-party delivery services like UberEats, Grubhub and DoorDash, which all benefit from the havoc of COVID-19. Though these apps bring in business, they also harm restaurants by charging outrageous fees. New legislature in Los Angeles has begun to limit these predatory practices, but it’s far from perfect, and restaurants need your help to stay afloat – or maybe even thrive.

The least we hungry people can do is support them by emerging from our caves and ordering a pizza or some sushi instead of pressing a few buttons for a driver to deliver to our doorstep. Let’s be real, ordering takeout may drain the bank, but it’s never a hardship. Who doesn’t love convenience and living for every meal? Of course, takeout entails a certain amount of exposure to the virus, so either wash your hands, social distance, wear a mask or try to stay home if you count yourself among the immunocompromised. Behold a list of the best takeout West Los Angeles has to offer, and do your part to keep these local restaurants afloat during the pandemic.

The Apple Pan

Imagine a 40s food-related advertisement with a smiling nuclear family huddled around the matriarch of the house. More often than not, she dons an apron and holds out a mouthwatering homemade pie. Don MacLean’s “American Pie” strums in the back of your head. This 1947 diner conjures such nostalgia before you even take a bite of their famous hickory burgers. Atmosphere is second in importance only to taste. The Apple Pan passes both tests with flying colors while skipping the racism and misogyny of the mid-20th century.


Check out this bright petite yakitori bar and don’t skimp on the skewers. If you ever find yourself meandering around LA’s Sawtelle Japantown, don’t pass up this superb Japanese spot. Other similar food stars like Yabu might cast a show over Nanbankan, but nothing beats this tiny eatery and its light meals. Try anything and everything. It’s easy to graze through each dish without stuffing yourself. Give them a call at 310-478-1591 to place your order.


If price is no obstacle for Friday night takeout, try the unparalleled rolls on Santa Monica Boulevard at Hamasaku. Don’t fret – the price reflects the quality, unlike many other restaurants. And don’t be repulsed by the creamy shirako, made from cod sperm. Don’t think about it – just eat. If you’re a bit squeamish, then try the snapper or bigeye tuna. You might even spot a celeb picking up some omakase in the strip mall.

Big Boi

Did someone say Chef Barb? Known for her desserts brought to you by B Sweet, Barb Batiste created West LA’s Big Boi, which features Filipino comfort food. Filipino food has stood in the shadows of unfamiliarity for a while, but it’s now gaining traction among foodies as a cuisine influenced by Spanish culture with the ability to please picky eaters, adventurous eaters and everyone else in between.


Bless Brentwood for this Neapolitan-style pizza. Skip Domino’s delivery, and instead head over to snag some fermented dough made in a wood fired oven. If you peruse the culinary review section of your favorite newspapers and magazines, it’s likely you’ve seen Pizzana mentioned a few times, touted as one of the hottest restaurants in Los Angeles.

Mogu Mogu

No restaurant listicle on the best takeout West Los Angeles is known for could exclude ramen from its ranks, especially not one in Sawtelle Japantown. Not a fan of the broth? Order the brothless ramen – mazemen – for a bowl tossed with noodles, meat and a potpourri of vegetables. Savory, spicy and packed with nutrients, Mogu Mogu’s mazemen fills you and gets you ready to take on tomorrow.

Attari Sandwich Shop

Yes, please. We all need more sandwiches in our lives that outshine the typical bland bread and sandwich meat garnished with soggy vegetables. Though that’s an easy feat to accomplish, Attari leaves those sandwiches in another dimension. Just one among a slew of Persian restaurants, Attari serves its sandwiches on soft rolls and slays us all with sides like the herb-infused kuku sabzi. Stop by and prepare to never again be satisfied with subpar sandwiches.

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