Cure Crate CBD subscription box delivers the goods (and good) in the cannabis industry

Cure Crate CBD subscription box delivers the goods (and good) in the cannabis industry
Source: Cure Crate

If you’re interested in trying CBD (cannabidiol), one of the active ingredients in cannabis that now comes in lotions, tinctures and various edible forms, then the Cure Crate CBD subscription box brings everything you need directly to your doorstep.

Cure Crate seeks to provide premium, carefully curated products to their customers while also advancing social justice. Cure Crate’s mission is “to provide a personalized CBD wellness experience based on individual needs while establishing a trusted brand committed to advancing social justice within the industry.” This mission and their story sets this company and its founders apart in this rapidly growing sector.

Putting your money behind companies with missions you can support and founders you can trust is a high priority these days. Sean Wynn and Alexandra Mulconnery, the founders of Cure Crate, fit the bill. TMS caught up with these inspiring founders to learn more about how they are paving their way in this growing industry.

Source: Cure Crate

What inspired Cure Crate?

After spending five years in Los Angeles where he moved to work in the entertainment industry, Sean Wynn took note of the high profile that legal cannabis and CBD were earning across the city and in the entertainment industry. Wynn was also part of a cannabis strategy organization within the William Morris/Endeavor Agency.

When Wynn’s partner Alexandra Mulconnery (who has a background in health care) moved to LA to join him, her interest was piqued by this new and pervasive industry as well. She was interested in both traditional medical health care and “alternative health and combining the two.”

As they brainstormed on the business and wellness potential of CBD, entering the industry became an appealing prospect for the duo. They had both previously lived in the South, where awareness of CBD and alternative health methods is less prevalent than in LA over the past decade.

What is Cure Crate all about?

With their interests and expertise in business and health care combined, Wynn and Mulconnery founded Cure Crate, a premium, curated CBD subscription box that provides customers with CBD products tailored to their personal needs and desires each month. To create each individual box, clients take an intake quiz. This “allows us to get an understanding of our customer’s tastes: what they do like, what they don’t like, what they’re looking for out of CBD, their experience level and any allergies,” explains Wynn.

As the business grows, so does their information about which products work for which needs. “We’re learning more, and we have an understanding of when people come to us with various pains; we have an idea of what products have worked for our customers with those sorts of ailments in the past,” shares Wynn. Their four basic product categories target pain, mood, sleep and skin care.

By engaging in regular communication and meticulously soliciting detailed customer feedback, Cure Crate is able to continuously improve on the products they provide to clients. Each box includes information for a follow-up quiz, where clients can report on which products they liked, didn’t like and any issues they might have had. From there, they are able to keep improving the service they provide for each individual and their overall clientele.

“We tailor instructions on how to use the products and how to build a routine,” says Mulconnery. They also are sure to include general education depending on the customer’s experience level with CBD. Included with each box are trackers to monitor how they interact with each product in their Cure Crate. Overall, it’s a system that demonstrates the exquisite care and concern this company shows for their customers.

Black-owned CBD brands they love

In February, Cure Crate showcased various Black-owned CBD brands in each of their boxes to honor Black History Month. Some of their favorite brands include:

BSBE: This brand uses 100% CBD isolate. This is a characteristic that sets them apart, as many products do contain a small amount of THC, since that’s considered legal and acceptable. BSBE specializes in pain rubs, body butters and bath teas.

Lion X: Lion X Wellness has a wide range of CBD products including gummies and tinctures. It was founded by Nico Marley, the grandson of famous cannabis advocate and musician, Bob Marley.

Ayaora: Originating from Mexico, this brand provides a “seed to store” experience. They farm and extract their raw ingredients in-house. Their mission is to provide conscious hemp and cannabis products. The company was founded by a Jamaican elder with decades of experience in regenerative farming.

Wellness + social justice – supporting the Last Prisoner Project

One major thing that sets Cure Crate apart from other brands is their dual platform of wellness and social justice. Wynn, a Black man, and Mulconnery, a woman, both care about bringing more diverse representation to an industry which has grown to be dominated by white males. “It’s very important for myself and Alexandra to create a company that does everything possible to make cannabis more equitable,” says Wynn.

Wynn met with many founders in the cannabis industry prior to creating Cure Crate and noticed that though their companies were worth millions (and even billions) of dollars, they weren’t necessarily thinking about how they could support disadvantaged communities, including those that may have been the most adversely affected by drug policies. Working to change cannabis criminal justice was incredibly important to both Wynn and Mulconnery when entering the industry. “Right after we got our LLC, before we even had a website, one of the first things I did was reach out to Mary Bailey at the Last Prisoner Project,” says Wynn.

A portion of the proceeds of each subscription box goes to nonprofit organization the Last Prisoner Project, which works toward clemency and comprehensive reentry programs for arrested or incarcerated cannabis offenders. “Doing the equity and reparations work as a founder in this space is super, super important,” Wynn reiterates.

They have also contributed to various other important causes – like the Louisville Community Action Fund following the murder of Breonna Taylor and the King Center for Non-Violence in honor of Martin Luther King Day.

“It’s really important for us at all times to put our dollars to good use and use our platform,” says Wynn. This is why moving forward every Cure Crate box will feature one or more products by Black-owned businesses. Clearly, Cure Crate has a commitment toward social justice and making cannabis more equitable that they have turned into measurable action.

If you’re already a CBD lover, or you’re looking to try some CBD products which support important causes, the Cure Crate CBD subscription box will get you a thoughtfully curated selection of products while contributing to causes that are making a difference in the world.

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