The best vegan restaurants in California

The best vegan restaurants in California
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If you’re wanting to checkout some of the best vegan restaurants in California, you won’t fall short on excellent options. Veganism has become a popular lifestyle that is more feasible by the decade, especially in Southern California where health and wellness are booming industries. Abstaining from the use of animal products is taking over how some people go about their daily lives while also having an enormous impact on the environment.

Between major cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, the vegan lifestyle is well known in California. What follows is the freshest products from California’s farms and markets to provide not only quality but also inspiration for healthy, inventive dishes that people will enjoy. Because more people around the world are realizing all of the benefits veganism has to offer, there has been a plethora of vegan-friendly eateries opening up for anyone willing to take on a new plant-based diet. From vegan fast food restaurants to vegetarian restaurants in California, it’s even easy to stick to this lifestyle while dining out. Here are some of the best vegan restaurants in California to add to your list.

Seabirds Kitchen

Pushing the boundaries of vegan cuisine, Seabirds Kitchen originally started as a food truck, but is now operating brick-and-mortar restaurants in Orange County and Long Beach. Seabirds takes a classic artisan approach to their food, and their menu is seasonally produced, leaving every season a surprise for guests looking for the freshest organic options. Using locally grown fruits and vegetables, the chefs bring out an ingredient’s true essence by letting the natural flavors shine for themselves. If you’re looking for a kitchen with a classic modern twist on vegan cuisine, Seabirds is your calling.

Vegan by El Zamorano

Set to open as one of Orange County’s first vegan taquerias, Vegan by El Zamorano offers an inventive twist on authentic Mexican food. With what seems to be an endless menu of vegan Latin-inspired proteins, this OC eatery offers unique takes on carne asada, al pastor, chicken, cauliflower and even hibiscus. Picture eating vegan carnitas made from organic King Oyster mushrooms wrapped in a handmade corn tortilla, topped with housemade cashew crema. Your first visit might overwhelm with choices, so go with the most popular recommendation. You may find that the carne asada fries drizzled with cashew-based cheese and roasted jalapeños are more delightful than imagined.

The Brave Bean

The Brave Bean aims to offer diners the enjoyment of tasty delights without the shadowing guilt of animal cruelty – by serving what they call “free from guilt” food. They are passionate about avoiding meat to lessen the overall detriments to the world such as their ecological footprint, gas emissions and global warming. Following these principles is a delectable menu of items including black bean patty burgers along with pulled pork made of fresh seasoned jackfruit. Triple-decker grilled cheeses layered with Impossible meat and a breakfast burrito that you’ll probably have to share with someone are favorites. Not only healthy in size, portions are healthy in ingredients as well.

Pura Vita

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, Pura Vita is the first 100% plant-based Italian restaurant and wine bar in the United States. The restaurant creates a unique dining experience by mirroring the aesthetic of a New York City wine bar – and their menu tastes even similar. Taking on a traditional menu of Southern Italy, Pura Vita prides themselves on offering the best organic, sustainable plant-based ingredients in California. Now having opened three locations, the menu is integrated with the most refined plant-based Italian dishes along with biodynamic wines for those looking for a nice pairing.

Plant Power Fast Food

Scattered across Southern California, Plant Power Fast Food is probably one of the most popular vegan fast food restaurants in California. Taking on the “fast food” aspect of daily eating, this collective is decreasing the amount of animal products in our daily diet while also striving for an overall better way of serving communities. Plant Power Fast Food accentuates tasty treats that are 99% GMO-free, made entirely without animal products and also served in biodegradable materials. The whole aesthetic of the company screams the way of the future, and their entire menu is cholesterol-free and full of American flavors.

Hug Life Ice Cream

With multiple locations in Orange County and Los Angeles, Hug Life Ice Cream is Southern California’s first plant-based dessert shop. Producing an extensive array of flavors to choose from, this ice cream shop delivers anti-dairy, organic, handcrafted ice cream. Flavors like Earl Great or Matcha Monsta attract tasters of all ages to try these plant-based desserts. Not only specializing in ice cream, the shop also offers delights such as ice cream floats and milkshakes mixed with layers of flavor. If you’re a vegan looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, this is your one-stop-shop.

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