The most creative Airbnbs California has to offer

The most creative Airbnbs California has to offer
Source: AirBnB

The spaces we inhabit influence our mental and physical being. How architects use space, light and interior decoration can make quite an impact, especially if it breaks away from the status quo. If a year of quarantine has taught us anything, it’s that our homes need beauty, nature, light and plenty of personality. Our spaces need to be conducive to whatever we plan to do in those spaces. Work, bathe, create, sleep or just live. As life turns virtual and requires more and more time indoors, it’s more important than ever to find new ways of building spaces that have a symbiotic relationship with the outdoors.

Maybe you need some inspiration for a remodel or redecoration. We all have those carefully curated Pinterest boards, but without experiencing different spaces, how can we know what works best with our minds and bodies? What better place to find unique spaces and inspiration than Airbnb, the hub for unconventional artists and hosts? Whether you’re looking for an off-grid weekend getaway or just an overnight on a road trip, these unusual Airbnbs in California will meet your needs and defy your preconceived notions of staying in a hotel.

Never again will you seek out a resort or chain hotel while traveling. Airbnb is the way to go.  Get ready to tear down your homes and apartments after staying in these spaces. You’ll want to build your own or hire an architect to bring your dream home to fruition. Find your home on the road from one of these creative Airbnbs in California. The north has a cozy woodsy vibe, while central California has all the quirk and fun of Santa Cruz, and SoCal is, well, SoCal.

Northern California

Water Tower Retreat  – Elk, CA

Near the quaint northern beach towns of Mendocino and Elk lies a boho-chic cabin with a water tower nestled in the redwoods. The cabin has everything you need to unplug from life for a few days, and don’t even think about TV or Wi-Fi. The bright interiors coupled with the glow of the redwoods in the morning light will more than captivate you. You won’t miss Netflix during your stay. Pinky promise.

The Juniper Rose Tiny House – Montague, CA

Have you ever considered going tiny? Do you find yourself compulsively scrolling Instagram feeds dedicated to the tiny living aesthetic? You might want to try it out before you invest your time and money in downsizing. Tiny living doesn’t fit everyone’s bodily and emotional needs; however, after only a night at the Juniper Rose, even a 6’6” basketball player would shed their spacious pad for a tiny cabin on wheels. This rustic shed will give you major ranch vibes with walls of aged wood and an animal skull to greet you at the door.

Central California

Pine Cone Tree House – Bonny Doon, CA

Known for its lavender fields and abundance of vineyards, Bonny Doon is enough to draw the attention of any traveler. If you need another excuse, a tree house in the shape of a pine cone will probably seal the deal. Designer and builder Dustin Feider hosts this magnificent Airbnb. He aspires to improve human connection with nature through architecture. This avant-garde tree house with a queen bed and WiFi hangs among the redwoods. If you make the best decision of your life and splurge on a weekend in the acorn, be sure to visit Beauregard Winery, McHenry Vineyard or Hallcrest Vineyards. Plus, Feider’s Airbnb is only 10 miles north of Santa Cruz.

Surf Van – Santa Cruz, CA

An Oceanside tiny living retreat is in your future should you choose it. This beautiful surf van overlooks Santa Cruz blue waves and green hills. Its cedar ceiling and bamboo flooring will make you forget that you’re staying the night in a vehicle. Though it’s physically small, the surf van has everything you need for an off-grid experience.

Southern California

Off-grid stargazing cabin  – Twentynine Palms, CA

Source: AirBnB

Imagine a night spent staring at the stars, unimpeded by windows or city smog, and then a morning looking out at desert mountains. Then spend the day sunbathing in a hammock with your friend or partner swinging next to you. With two fully equipped bedrooms and one bathroom, this Airbnb is a minimalist corten steel structure. Architect Malek Alqadi prioritizes simplicity and harmony with nature in his work, and his off-grid stargazing cabin certainly accomplishes both.

Hobbit house – Ramona, CA

Source: AirBnB

“Lord of the Rings” fans, attention! Only a short distance from sunny San Diego (no, not New Zealand) dwells the answer to all your Tolkien fantasies. The famous round door, the wood stove, the wood beam ceilings and the stone walls will enchant even those who aren’t familiar with the likes of hobbits. The host describes the hobbit house as a “glamping” experience. It’s a true off-grid experience, but it’s far more comfortable than a night spent sleeping on the ground.

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