Cool music festivals to look forward to in 2021

Cool music festivals to look forward to in 2021
Source: Pexels, Josh Sorenson

There are some great options for cool music festivals this year, despite the ongoing pandemic. If you haven’t attended a music festival before, chances are you’re missing out on an experience of a lifetime. Everywhere around the world, the culture behind music festivals has slowly become more ingrained within modern pop culture. Music festivals offer an outlet for society to escape from their daily nine to five. Attendees can fully express themselves at music festivals, plus they can listen to live music for hours, or in some cases days, on end. People nowadays are investing their money on more than just a music festival – they are seeking to experience some of the good things the world still has to offer. As many cool music festivals are itching to make a return, be sure to stay on the lookout for which ones you may want to experience for yourself.

Life is Beautiful – (September 19-21) Las Vegas, Nevada

Existing to build a more beautiful world, Life is Beautiful is a music festival that transforms the city of downtown Las Vegas into a unique cultural hub full of different music genres, comedy, food and art. For three days, festival goers flood the streets of Las Vegas to get a piece of the endless creativity the festival has to offer. Picture strolling in between the old buildings of Las Vegas with live street artists painting 40-feet murals in front of you and the old hits of Green Day making the nostalgia hit just right. If you didn’t think Vegas could get any more fun, think again.

Outside Lands – (August 6-8, 2021) San Francisco, California

Being one of San Francisco’s biggest events, Outside Lands continues to support the community at large by utilizing all of the different platforms the festival has to offer. Not only does the music festival offer music from artists of the highest caliber, but they are also involved with things like music-related charitable programs and an infusion of culinary and musical geniuses as well as offering selections of NorCal local wines and craft beer brewed right in the community. Get a taste of the Bay Area and check out this festival – you won’t regret it.

Riot Fest – (September 17-19, 2021) Chicago, Illinois

Located in Chicago, Illinois, Riot Fest promotes all genres of music including rock, alternative rock, punk rock and hip-hop. This is a three day musical extravaganza of live bands and instrumental music with the bass line hitting your skin just right. History recalls artists like Snoop Dogg, Weezer, Taking Back Sunday and plenty of other well-known names performing their latest hits in front of thousands of attendees. If you’re ready to scream the lyrics of your favorite bands, try Riot Fest – but without any actual riots.

Hard Summer – (July 31-August 1, 2021) San Bernardino, California

When summer hits and the high is at a hundred degrees, Hard Summer is known to be one of the hottest festivals of the year (quite literally). This Southern California two-day music festival is stacked with electronic dance legends as well as hip hop artists you would never expect. If the heat doesn’t exhaust you first, the music will eventually. But not to worry, the festival has multiple water stations and cool down areas for those trying to take a breather. If you’re planning to attend the hottest festival of the year – a word of advice: don’t forget to hydrate.

Electric Forest – (June 2021) Rothbury, Michigan

Here, the forest flickers with an infinity of fluorescent lights and the crown of every tree is smothered with endless chords of LED string. If fantasy met reality, Electric Forest would be the epitome of it. Transforming one of Rothbury’s forests into an electric-stained wonderland, this music festival is one of the more unique music festivals to experience. There’s a seemingly endless number of places to explore, and not one of them will be boring. From comedy lounges to hidden speak-easies to stages where you can just listen to an intimate music set, there’s something for every mood. Ever wonder what Alice felt like when she fell down the rabbit hole? This might be it.

Escape Halloween – (October 29-31, 2021) San Bernardino, California

Escape Halloween has been running their spook-fest for years now, inviting the most creative costumes to attend a couple nights of monstrous beats and audiovisual trickery. Here everyone is dressed to impress and ready to enter a world of monsters, three-dimensional superstructures and electronic dance music. If you’re wondering where you can escape and dance with hundreds of different ghouls and monsters, Escape Halloween might tickle your fancy.

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