5 of the best TV shows for 2021

5 of the best TV shows for 2021
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As another year progresses into this pandemic, so does the need to find some fresh TV shows for 2021 to watch during your free time. Due to isolation protocols implemented throughout the year, a majority of the population has been forced to stay indoors and utilize all the benefits of old and new streaming platforms everywhere across the globe. Although film industries everywhere have been struggling to maintain filming time and release dates, the show always must go on. Whatever streaming platform available to you, know that there’s always something you may have missed or a show that isn’t promoted on the weekly updated list that you should check out. Be open-minded, and you might be surprised to find your new favorite binge watch among these TV shows for 2021 recommendations.

“The Walking Dead”

Robert Kirkman’s popular zombie comic book series was adapted for the screen, and ever since it has been one of the most bloodletting post-apocalyptic horror series American Multi-Cinema (AMC) has to offer. Having a span of more than 10 seasons, “The Walking Dead”cast and crew are ambitiously working on the final season, which is anticipated to premiere this upcoming summer. If you’re late to this show, there’s plenty of binge watching to catch up on before then. Despite the show losing Steven Yeun, the first Asian American to earn an Oscar Nomination for Best Actor, in Season 7, the reality of living in a zombie-infested world hasn’t let up. If you’re looking for a long term investment full of plot twisting storylines, gore and some of the best makeup prosthetics on television, “The Walking Dead” is your best bet.

“Money Heist” (“La Casa de Papel”)

This television series was voted Best Drama in the 2018 International Emmy Awards, so some might  consider it to be one of the best Spanish heist crime dramas ever created. Alex Pina, the creator of the show, delivers a story about a group of uniquely skilled robbers in Spain that attempt to carry out the perfect bank robbery and the greatest heist in history. Facing multiple challenges along the way, there isn’t one episode that doesn’t leave the audience wanting more of The Professor, better known as Alvaro Morte, who plays the lead role in the heist. Just when you think the robbers have gotten caught, The Professor always arrives to surprise you with another plan of action. Having three seasons already, the show is on its way to a new season out on April 4, so start getting caught up on this show full of twists and turns.

“The Head”

Directed by Jorge Dorado, “The Head” is a psychological thriller featuring a small team of scientists that decide to stay in the South Pole during its annual six months of darkness. Stuck on the Polaris IV Antarctic Research Station, the team’s commitment for innovative research seems to be going smoothly until they each start dying one by one of unknown deaths. Think murder mystery party, only this time it’s based in Antartica and the odds of dying to death-defying weather is in play as well. With six episodes so far on HBO Max, each hour leaves the audience full of questions and fully committed to the plot. Not ready to commit to 10 seasons of a new show? Not a problem – this six-episode murder mystery party will do you well in the meantime.

“The Book of Boba Fett”

Spinning off from the Disney Plus hit “Star Wars” franchise addition, “The Mandalorian,” this American television series continues the legendary bounty hunter’s journey in this upcoming chapter starring Temuera Morrison in the role of Boba Fett. Having multiple access points for new storylines, the “Star Wars" franchise will be debuting the story of one of its most popular characters while also potentially revealing more stories in the making. If you’re a “Star Wars” geek, you won’t want to miss it.

“Prodigal Son”

One of the more recently released American crime drama television series, “Prodigal Son” features actor Tom Payne playing the lead role of Malcom Bright, one of the best psychological criminal profilers in New York. If you’re into family drama, major crime investigations and twisted ways to get murdered, this show might be just for you. As the son of a notorious serial killer known as “The Surgeon,” Bright becomes an acclaimed criminal psychologist who helps the police track handfuls of killers while also maintaining his relationship with his murderous, narcissistic father. With one season under its belt, the series is currently airing its second season with a possible third in the works. Looking for a crime show to satisfy your investigative mind? This is the one you should add to your shortlist.

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