Take your green thumb to these plant nurseries in Orange County

Take your green thumb to these plant nurseries in Orange County
Photo by Lachlan Ross on Pexels.com

There’s no shortage of plant nurseries in Orange County, and with spring finally here, the opportunity for starting any type of gardening is only a nursery away. If you’re plant hunting through the city of Orange in Southern California, you’ll come to find the options for any type of garden center – locally-owned or wholesale nursery – to be plentiful and full of all your favorite variations of plants and vegetation.

Plant nurseries in Orange County are not only stocked with lively and variegated greenery but also the ambience in each one is unique in its own way. From small quaint nurseries with rare polka-dot begonias to rows of greenhouse gazebos complete with every indoor and outdoor plant you can think of, the sky is the limit for what you can find in the best plant nurseries in Orange County.

M&M Nursery

A family-owned nursery operating since 1956, M&M is one of the more intimate plant nurseries in Orange County. Having a unique display of fairy gardens scattered throughout their selection of plants and gardening accessories, the nursery offers an enticing ambience. Despite its small size, you’ll be surprised with what you may find on their weekly shipments. From neon prayer plants to newly propagated string of turtles, the treasures in this local garden are something you won’t find anywhere else.

Green Thumb Nursery

Orange County’s favorite family-owned garden center known for their friendly customer service, Green Thumb Nursery is a garden center with many California Certified Nursery Professionals at each location to help guests with whatever gardening, irrigation and water features they may need. Along with the high quality of plants and customer service, their patio shop also includes things like barbecue grills, furniture sets, decorative flags and seasonal accessories for finishing your outdoor spaces.

Armstrong Garden Centers

Serving California for more than 130 years now, the first Armstrong Garden Center was founded by John Armstrong back in 1889 where he started growing eucalyptus and olive trees as a nurseryman. Fast forward 100 years and we now see Armstrong Garden Centers thriving across California. Their employees are committed to giving you the best tips and horticultural knowledge for garden and landscape success. They have more than 31 stores, and every garden center strives to take the guesswork out of gardening. Their mission is cultivating a more welcoming and accessible way to start a garden from the ground up.

Upland Nursery

Another quaint nursery, Upland has been serving everything from seasonal variegated plumerias, unusual perennials and rare indoor houseplants you won’t find anywhere else in Orange. If you’re an indoor plant collector searching for rare species of plants, Upland has hidden treasures for anyone looking to upgrade their collection at home. Walk inside and branch off to your right where you’ll find a hidden indoor plant section. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled as you’ll find species of plants that you wouldn’t normally see here in Orange.

Laguna Hills Nursery

Although they’ve served their Lake Forest community for 40 years, Laguna Hills Nursery has relocated to Santa Ana where Gary Matsuoka and his wife Nancy still supply some of the best local selections of fruit trees, herbs, berries and other edibles. Striving to provide only the best quality of plants for their community, the Matsuoka’s also produce their own potting soils and planting mixes that provide maximum airflow to plant roots. If you’re ever in on a Saturday morning, look out for the reopen of Gary’s gardening classes where he’ll teach you everything from how to correctly pot soil to propagating plants.

Roger’s Garden

What started off as Roger McKinnon’s original decorative flower baskets and container gardens has now turned into one of Orange County’s most destined garden centers to visit. Offering unique seasonal solutions and quality designs for both indoor and outdoor living, Roger’s Garden provides an endless array of products to upgrade your decorative approach for your home. Because you’re surrounded by so many sections and pathways, it feels like you’re walking through an outdoor greenery museum. The ambience here is unlike any other, so once you’re done perusing all the rare foliage and indoor houseplants, have a glass of wine at their al fresco dining restaurant and enjoy food made from locally sourced ingredients.

OC Succulents Nursery

OC Succulents Nursery specializes in growing vibrant and collectible succulents. Known for having the best quality and selection of succulents, this nursery not only offers an extensive collection of water-retaining plants and cactuses but also provides services like wholesale gardening, xero-scape, planting accessories as well as selections of plants that have been professionally hand-picked and catered to. Wanting to start a succulent garden? Start here.

Tree of Life Nursery

Propagating and producing California native plants for more than 30 years now, Tree of Life nursery has been supplying the community of Rancho Mission Viejo with some of California’s most precious native flora. With 40 acres of land that offers 400 species and varieties for landscaping and ecological restoration, the establishment supplies the product for gardens and restoration as well as the helping hand of a landscape designer. Don’t want to think about how you’re going to design your next garden? This is the nursery for you.

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