How Armara Glow founder Priyanka Panjabi balances motherhood and being a business owner

How Armara Glow founder Priyanka Panjabi balances motherhood and being a business owner

People in Hong Kong and mainland China have maintained their links to organic therapies and remedies for general health. As more individuals become aware of the advantages of organic remedies, cannabinoid (CBD) products have grown in popularity around the world.

There’s no denying that CBD is the hottest health and lifestyle trend right now.

Cannabis (marijuana) contains the active chemical cannabidiol (CBD), which is derived from hemp plants. Although many may mistakenly believe that CBD and marijuana are the same thing, they are different. CBD, unlike cannabis, will not give users a euphoric high. The World Health Organization also says there is no proof of possible violence that can be caused by CBD.

Cannabis contains two forms of cannabinoids: CBD and THC. THC is responsible for the euphoria or cannabis “high.” CBD is the non-psychoactive component of cannabis, so it promotes relaxation without intoxication.

Muscular pain relief, anxiety management, anti-acne benefits and cancer prevention are only a few of the health effects of CBD.

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CBD-infused goods nowadays are widely available in Hong Kong, whether they are purchased online, in supermarkets or as additives in food and beverages at your local cafe. With the increased distribution of CBD products, it appears that the CBD trend has made significant progress in the region.

Armara Glow aims to make CBD products “affordable and available for everyone.”

Out of the many small emerging businesses, Armara Glow CBD (who has recently launched their CBD line) is one that aims to be “real, pure and meaningful.”

Initially, the business started off as a skin care and beauty company offering organic products such as Argan Oil and Prickly Pear Oil for “women who face daily issues such as hair loss, acne, eczema.”

Priyanka Panjabi, the founder of Armara Glow, reveals her inspiration to start her own company began when CBD came onto her radar during a trip to Spain. “I started doing some research regarding it and immediately wanted to share all its benefits with my customers,” she says.

“Due to our current changes in lifestyle, CBD has gained popularity to help people feel less anxious and help them focus on their day to day tasks,” reveals Panjabi.

Armara Glow has launched two innovative products to assist everyone in maintaining optimum skin quality and encouraging courageous confidence within – the CBD Freeze Muscle Gel Roll On and the Argan CBD Oil with 100mg of CBD Isolate – to match Hong Kong’s fast-paced and work-from-home lifestyle.

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In accordance with the new profound interest in hiking among Hong Kongers due to the government’s strict COVID-19 restrictions, Armara Glow came up with the CBD Freeze Roll On. The product has “gained popularity among hikers and sports performance customers in Hong Kong,” says Panjabi.

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Their new Argan CBD Oil “is a great facial oil to introduce into your daily skin care routine,” Panjabi adds, to keep your skin glowing and hydrated in these hot summer months.

However, one of Panjabi’s personal challenges has been “balancing motherhood with this business.”

“Being a first time mom, I gave all my time and energy to him and completely dropped the idea of continuing to work,” Panjabi explains. Her determination to continue building her own business is an inspiring image of working moms in Hong Kong.

Acknowledging her strong business acumen and dedication to developing her own potential while being a full-time mom is admirable. “I have always seen myself as a business entrepreneur and always had a desire to start a unique and exclusive approach to all my clients,” Panjabi says.

Regardless of not having a business degree, she realizes that “Hong Kong is the land of opportunities.

“There are plenty of opportunities around us –- we only need to keep our eyes open. The dynamic business environment encourages entrepreneurs like myself to expose our products in the local market.” Showing us you don’t need an official degree to start your business, Panjabi proves that having a knack for it is just as important.

Her motivation stems from surrounding herself with “family and friends as well as other entrepreneurial women who are very successful business owners and are always willing to lift other women around them.”

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Additionally, another challenge is “convincing people to understand the benefits of CBD.” Panjabi explains how “many people think CBD will get them addicted, it is important to know CBD does not make you get ‘high’. Our products are non – psychoactive.”

Despite the difficulties, she realizes that Armara Glow’s popularity is growing. Thus far, the market reaction is “very helpful, curious and willing to embrace a new way of living.”

She doesn’t seem too worried about competition in the market with other businesses developing CBD products too. She believes that her company provides “exceptional care to [their] clients and believes [their] products are affordable for everyone while providing them the best results.”

Armara Glow CBD has even more in store for the coming months, so keep an eye out for their launches. A little insider’s tip: they “are working on new and interesting CBD product concepts.”

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