Cool summer desserts you should try in Hong Kong this year

Cool summer desserts you should try in Hong Kong this year
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What is more satisfying on a hot day than indulging in cool summer desserts? With the continuous unwavering streak of hot temperatures and humidity in Hong Kong, we can be sure that you’ll be seeking any means to beat the heat. So, we’ve compiled a list of delightful cool summer desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth and help you cool off this summer in Hong Kong.

Twist & Buckle

Located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Twist & Buckle is Hong Kong’s first contemporary churrería. Try the classic El Churro Original (HK$25) dusted with cinnamon sugar and served with a selection of artisanal sauces (+HK$5) such as dulce de leche or salted caramel – each bite guaranteed to transport you to the streets of South America. For a more decadent treat, indulge in a special churro and soft serve vanilla ice cream combination. Check out the Aloha Original Sundae (HK$48), which features one of their classic churros, soft serve, mango bits and a refreshing passion fruit sauce or even the S’mores Special Sundae (HK$58) with a toasted marshmallow glazed churro served with brownie chunks, soft serve and caramel sauce.

Honeymoon Dessert

Founded in Hong Kong in 1995, Honeymoon Dessert has become an international chain offering a wide selection of classic Asian desserts, from traditional Guandong sweet soups and addictive Hong Kong-style sweets to modern fusion treats. Honeymoon has launched a new Maple Syrup Fruit Granola Rainbow Parfait for the summer, featuring three different flavors. Choose from the fragrant Mango Parfait with small glutinous rice balls and classic mango flavor, OREO Parfait served with vanilla sorbet or the Matcha and Red Bean Parfait with a scoop of matcha ice cream for a refreshing and icy treat. You can also opt for some of their more signature desserts like Mango Pomelo and Sago Pudding.

XTC Gelato

XTC Gelato has been curating delicious gelato inspired by classic local desserts and drinks in Hong Kong since 2001. Sourcing natural and fresh ingredients from all across the globe like French Valrhona chocolate, Madagascan vanilla beans and mangos direct from farms in the Philippines, XTC Gelato guarantees to provide authentic flavors. Indulge in any of their innovative flavors like Black Sesame and Hong Kong Milk Tea or opt for more traditional favorites with signature Chocolate XTC or Vanilla Madagascar.

Via Tokyo

Via Tokyo offers a range of traditional and quality Japanese desserts, premium pastries and soft creams. Featuring flavors from Hokkaido milk to seasonal tea-based offerings – most notably matcha – Via Tokyo’s menu is almost exclusively dedicated to matcha desserts. Made with authentic matcha powder from Kyoto, Via Tokyo’s Original Matcha Cone soft serve ice cream is a must-try. Level up your dessert game and opt for some other treats such as the Matcha Napoleon, Matcha Cheesecake or Matcha Roll Cake made with 100% Hokkaido cream and top-grade Kyoto Uji Matcha & Houjicha powder. With the weather getting hotter, cool down with one of Via Tokyo’s summer drinks. Choose from a refreshing Sencha Fruit Tea, Uji Match & Brown Sugar Latte or even their brand-new iced Houjicha & Brown Sugar Latte filled with rich, toasty and nutty tea flavors and a rich caramel taste of Okinawa Brown Sugar. Customers can even add boba for an extra delight!

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