David O’Russell’s next film joins Taylor Swift, Christian Bale and Margot Robbie

David O’Russell’s next film joins Taylor Swift, Christian Bale and Margot Robbie
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Pop singer Taylor Swift has been cast to star in David O’Russell’s next film alongside an A-list ensemble including Christian Bale, Rami Malek, Margot Robbie, John David Washington, Anna Taylor Joy, Robert De Niro, Zoe Saldana, Mike Myers, Michael Shannon, Andrea Riseborough, Timothy Olyphant, Matthias Schoenaerts, Alessandro Nivola and Chris Rock.

The film, titled “Canterbury Glass,” is backed by New Regency and will be released via 20th Century Studios. All we really know so far about the film’s plot is that it is set during the Great Depression. Arnon Milchan from New Regency is producing the film together with Anthony Katagas and Matthew Budman. The upcoming film has yet to announce a release date, but this film will mark the return of David O’Russell as a director since his last film “Joy” in 2015.

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David O’Russell, who is behind Oscar-winning movies “American Hustle” and “Silver Linings Playbook,” wrote and directed the upcoming film and has reported that shooting for the film was completed a while back and they are currently in post production. The film was shot in California last year following strict COVID-19 guidelines.

11-time Grammy winner Taylor Swift has not revealed anything about her inclusion in the film yet, but fans are nonetheless excited to see her role in the upcoming period comedy.

Taylor Swift’s career did not slow down during the pandemic (if anything it just catapulted even more), as the 31-year-old artist churned out two critically acclaimed albums, “Evermore” and “Folklore,” back to back. Her previous movie appearance was in “Cats,” a disastrous musical adaptation of the long-running stage show by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The film adaptation, which was directed by Tom Hooper, starred Judi Dench, Rebel Wilson, Jennifer Hudson, Jason Corden and Jason Derulo alongside Taylor Swift, where she played the conspicuous and sassy feline Bombalurina.

Swift made her movie debut in 2010 with the romantic comedy film “Valentine’s Day,” which also starred Jessica Alba, Bradley Cooper and Taylor Lautner. Since her debut, Swift has prided herself in choosing films which have a strong ensemble and has gone on to star in other films including the dystopian drama, “The Giver” and playing Audrey in the animated film “Lorax.” Last year, she was also the subject in acclaimed documentary “Miss Americana,” which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and later released on Netflix.

Spotify, the leading audio streaming service, released data of the Top 10 most streamed artists of May 2021, and Taylor Swift ranked fifth, raking in a total of 648 million streams.

More information regarding the details of “Canterbury Glass” is expected to release soon. For now, fans of Taylor Swift can be excited for her next on screen performance in David O’Russell’s upcoming high profile movie.

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