8 popular cities in Los Angeles county to visit

8 popular cities in Los Angeles county to visit
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Scattered throughout California is an assortment of different cities in Los Angeles county that visitors from anywhere around the world should consider experiencing, or even relocating to for a new place to call home. From high-rise city buildings to the newest outlying suburbs, the list of interesting cities in the Los Angeles county area is steadily growing. If you’re ever touring the area of Los Angeles, make sure to be on the lookout for these popular cities to visit so you can experience the lovely atmosphere they’re each known for.

Los Angeles

One of the most well-known major cities in California is LA, by far one of the most popular destinations for California tourists. Los Angeles is a unique cultural hub for its many different attractions, including an array of diverse cuisines, the latest trends in fashion and, of course, Hollywood – the epicenter for entertainment.

Hollywood draws tourists consistently throughout the year to things like the Walk of Fame in between the city’s towering structures as well as a multitude of museums and cultural landmarks. If you’re new to California, Los Angeles is a good starting point.

Long Beach

Located in the Los Angeles Metropolitan area is a city that sits oceanside with one of the busiest shipping ports in California. Long Beach is known for their many luring attractions near its waters. The waves of the ocean are always busy with wave runners and boats, and the beachfronts are usually crowded with people out enjoying the sun.

Things like the Aquarium of the Pacific (one of the most visited aquariums in California), The Queen Mary and Ballast Point Brewery are all great experiences with an ocean view. Long Beach is also known for its thriving cultural demographic as well as its growing LGBTQ community which clearly is emulated throughout the gentrified and newer parts of town.

Santa Monica

Because Santa Monica is one the most visited beach cities in the county, the boardwalks here are always lively with locals and city dwellers looking for their beach day fix. The city is most known for their seaside amusement park Pacific Park, which offers a cluster of roller coasters, a giant ferris-wheel and your typical festival eats for anyone looking to enjoy a 50-feet vertical view of the Pacific while munching on some cotton candy.

Not too far from the main part of Santa Monica is the original Muscle Beach; some could say the epicenter of Southern California’s fitness boom. Here you’ll find an gym equipment on the sand as well as tight ropers walking their lines at sunset.


With 21 miles of coastline, Malibu is by far one of the loveliest beach cities in the county due to the endless private beaches and luxurious houses hidden among the city’s coves. This area is known to house tons of celebrities. Known for the distinct and varied styles of homes in the area, it’s not unusual to find smart houses with advanced integrated technology, expansive decks with ocean views or even simple cozy beach houses right on the sand.

The Malibu Wine Safari is one of the city’s most alluring attractions as people come from all around California to feed giraffes while sipping on a glass of Zinfandel. The ambience that radiates around this coastal city is one that makes you feel like you’re living the life of a star.

Santa Clarita Valley

The city of Santa Clarita is located about 30 miles northwest of downtown and has slowly developed into one of the most populated areas in the county. If you’re looking to settle somewhere in a newly developed suburban home, the city is known for communities that’ll provide you with just that.

Areas like Canyon Country, Newhall, Valencia and Saugus are where to look for the newest track homes, family friendly cul de sacs and a growing local community. Although the weather here is warm, the locals are always keeping busy with hikes through the canyons, new breweries and the quaint town centers supplied with shopping and good eats.

Beverly Hills

A city home to luxury hotels, fancy multimillion dollar mansions and various designer brand stores is Beverly Hills, located on the western side of the county. The city attracts high tier fashion designers, renowned Michelin chefs and celebrities, which makes it an attractive and lavish destination to visit.

There are a handful of bus tours that drive you around town to view the nicest celebrity homes. Or there’s the option of spending all your shopping money on the high-end designer duds along Rodeo Drive. If you’re looking to feel like a million bucks, or if you actually have a million bucks to spend, Beverly Hills is the place to be.

Manhattan Beach

One of the beaches that makes up the South Bay region of Los Angeles County is Manhattan Beach, most famously known for their surfing and volleyball communities. With year-round sunshine, the beach life here is as active as it gets.

Throughout the year you’ll be able to check out events like the International Surf Festival as well as the Manhattan Beach Volleyball Tournament. Scattered across the city are not only different areas to enjoy the ocean but also tons of recreational parks for you and your canine friend to enjoy a jog.


A foodie’s dream, Koreatown is located in Central Los Angeles with a diverse community known for a ton of great food options. Seeing that this city is located in the heart of Los Angeles, expect to be met with some of the most eye-appealing food and desserts LA has to offer.

This vibrant district has an eclectic urban landscape, and the later you come, the more lively it becomes. Koreatown’s nightlife is infused with neon lights that highlight the architectural designs that make up the city’s structure. As you explore more of the small town’s community, you’ll find how welcoming it can be.

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