5 places to explore in Lantau Island, Hong Kong

5 places to explore in Lantau Island, Hong Kong
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Although Lantau island may not be as popular as Sai Kung for Hong Kong locals to visit, it’s still undoubtedly a great weekend spot. Among its many noteworthy features, the beautiful vistas and food are top contenders. Here are some of our favorite places to explore in Lantau Island.

Funky Monkey

Funky Monkey is a bar in Tung Chung run by a Nepalese couple. The vibrant and colorful decorations plus their signature dishes and cocktails are a big draw. Its interior design is inspired by Tiki culture. The owner is an experienced bartender who creates his signature cocktails with a twist. Check out some of the upcoming events such as Bollywood nights, reggae nights, and live music, all of which attract Tung Chung locals, expats and pilots to visit.

The chef recommended dish at Funky Monkey is the Chatamari Pizza. A popular street food in Nepal, the Chatamari Pizza is made with mozzarella cheese, minced beef with Nepalese herbs and topped with an egg. The Himalayan Thali Set is also a signature dish. It is a combination of curry, lentil soup, vegetables, achaar and rice. For some authentic Nepal cuisine, Funky Monkey is one of our favorite places to explore in Lantau Island.

Address: Shop 101, 1/F, T-Bay, 9 Yi Tung Road, Tung Chung

Midam Korean Restaurant

Also in Tung Chung is Midam Korean Restaurant. It’s close to Citygate Outlets, so if you have just finished shopping and are looking to recharge, Midam Korean Restaurant is just within walking distance. This spot is popular among Tung Chung residents, and many Korean expats in Hong Kong will go out of their way to dine here for the authentic Korean spread.

The Korean seafood pancake and Korean fried chicken are highly recommended by weekly regulars. Their deep fried chicken is crunchy, but not overly oily, while the chicken stays tender and juicy. Korean barbecue is also a popular choice in any Korean restaurant. Usually served with a bowl of rice and soup, raw meat is brought tableside and cooked to your preference. The sizzling barbecue hits the spot when served with Korean soy sauce and rice.

Address: Tat Tung Road Garden, Tung Chung

Lantau Peak

Source: TMS

Hiking Lantau Peak is a popular activity in Lantau Island. Lantau Peak has a reputation because it is the second highest mountain in Hong Kong at 934 meters above sea level. It is also the highest mountain peak you can hike in Hong Kong.

The highest, Tai Mo Shan, (at 957 meters above sea level) is an easy hike with a road, but its highest point is not accessible due to it being occupied by the Hong Kong Observatory. So Lantau Peak is the best place to view the sun slowly rising to decorate the sky with its burning golden color.

The scenery is breathtaking enough to be worthy of a night of early sleep. You won’t regret waking up at 1 a.m. and setting off to conquer this peak. You might expect this hike to be arduous and physically challenging, but things aren’t so bad once you set off. It seems easier if you expect it to be tough.

Setting out before dawn for the sunrise also means that the sunshine does not shine directly on you. Of course, remember to wear supportive hiking shoes and bring enough water and snacks.

Sunset Peak

Sunset Peak is another popular hiking route in Hong Kong and is a good starting point for exploring Lantau Island. Standing at 869 meters above sea level, it is the third highest mountain in Hong Kong. Many hikers aim to conquer Sunset Peak during the weekends, and as the name suggests, it is well known for its sunset views. It’s also unique as a mountain full of silvergrass. Hikers love taking photos here immersed in a sea of silvergrass, particularly during the Autumn season.

Again, bring enough water and snacks in preparation because 869 meters elevation is no easy hike, and don’t forget to take away your own rubbish. Sadly, the popularity of Sunset Peak as a hiking route has also resulted in hikers leaving their trail of rubbish on the mountain and polluting it. We should all do our duty together to protect the environment while admiring its beauty.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland is a world renowned theme park in Lantau Island and a major attraction of Hong Kong in general. As they say, this is a “place where dreams come true.”

Hong Kong Disneyland has its own Disneyland Resort MTR station, so it’s easy to reach. Occasionally, They also provide some group ticket offers like a 25% off discount for a group of 3 people, or a 30% off discount for a group of 4. Considering the entry ticket normally costs more than HK$600, this is perfect if you’re going with family or friends.

If you are looking forward to some thrills, don’t skip the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars. The speed of the roller coaster is sure to make you scream. For something mysterious, Mystic Manor is the place to go if you are feeling adventurous. Little ones will appreciate Toy Story Land, and the live shows are a crowd pleaser. You may even run into your favorite Disney princess.

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