NYC pop-ups to visit before they’re gone

NYC pop-ups to visit before they’re gone
Source: Color Factory

Pop-up culture is becoming more and more prevalent all over the world, but particularly in big cities. With the free marketing tool that is social media, companies and organizations can better get the word out about shorter special events such as single-day or short-term pop-ups. And what better place to host such an event than the Big Apple?

The deliberate temporary nature of NYC pop-ups lends them a lot of hype. And, well, some of that hype is worth it. As the city comes back from the pandemic in full force, so do these experiences. Right now, there’s so much to look forward to, but be careful to make it in time. Here’s our picks for the best NYC pop-ups you’ve got to visit before they’re gone.

NYC pop-ups for shopping

Source: FAD Market

Taking a trip to the city means spending more money than you intend to, no matter how careful you are. And, with these NYC pop-up stores, you may find yourself looking under couch cushions for some spare change so that you don’t miss out.

For visitors from afar looking to bring a unique piece of New York back with them, the Central Park Conservancy has a pop-up shop open through this fall. This spot, located on the west side of Central Park by 59th Street, is also a great option for visitors looking to support the park itself. Sales go toward supporting the Park, so grab a kitschy tote bag or a T-shirt that basically screams “tourist!” and remember that it’s for a good cause.

For a more comprehensive shopping experience, New York’s FAD Market is going to be around all summer on Governors Island, open the third weekend of every month through October. More of an open marketplace, FAD Market is a place to find everything you need in fashion, art and design (hence, FAD). With more than 30 independent vendors, this monthly pop-up is ideal for anyone with big tastes looking to shop small. You’ll want to spend the whole day at this one!

For even more art, stop by MoonLab 42, which is open through the end of July. A concept store that operates within Lucille’s Coffee and Cocktails in Harlem, MoonLab 42 carries work from both Georgian and American artists (that’s Georgia, the country). Artisan crafted pieces are available as you sip your lattes – or ciders.

And, if you’re really going all out, the NYC pop-ups that are the true cream of the crop, so to say, are the designer fashion shops. Louis Vuitton currently has a pop-up in Soho. And the entire storefront is neon purple if you’re worried about missing it. Not into Louis? Dior is also in on the hype, with their own Soho pop-up. This store is all about bags, featuring the MyABCDior Bags, which you can get personalized in this satellite store.

Temporary pop-up museums in NYC that we wish were permanent

Now, what’s a better souvenir from NYC than the memories you take with you when you leave? More important than any object are the unique experiences that pop-up culture produces. New York has garnered a reputation as something of a pop-up experience central, and rightfully so.

One experience was so popular the first time it popped up in Manhattan that it’s returned for round two: The Museum of Ice Cream. Reserve your ticket to see the “world famous 13 multisensory installations,” all of which are Instagram-worthy. And, if you’re over 16, you can enjoy their “Night at the Museum” experience. Ever wanted to jump into a pool full of sprinkles? Now is your chance.

Another similarly aesthetic and immersive experience that has taken Manhattan by storm is the Color Factory. Focusing on making exhibits in “hues that invite curiosity, discovery and play,” the Color Factory is a collaboration of artists and creatives to bring the sensory experience of the rainbow to you. The best part is that many independent New York artists were involved in bringing this experience to life.

If you’d rather engage with art that you already know, then the Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit has recently opened its doors to New Yorkers, and it’s truly the place to be right now. Van Gogh’s greatest works are on display here in ways that cannot be experienced in an art museum, though you can see “The Starry Night” in its original form at the MoMA right now, too. The Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit places visitors inside of Van Gogh’s art and engages with the motion that his works suggest using projections and multimedia sculpture.

To ground yourself back in the city, what’s better than to attend The “Friends” Experience (ironically or not)? You’re already in the city, so let yourself have fun with the cheesiness of it all, from Monica’s and Rachel’s apartment to other iconic sets of the renowned sitcom. The 90s are making a comeback, right? It’s truly now or never!

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