Check out these gifts for book lovers for the bookworm in your life

Check out these gifts for book lovers for the bookworm in your life
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Gifts for book lovers might strike you as obvious – why not just buy them a book or buy them a gift card to their favorite bookstore? But how in the world would you know which books they have already read, which ones they already possess, which authors they despise, which genres they adore?

Purchasing a gift card isn’t a particularly creative solution to this dilemma. Instead of guessing which book they might enjoy or copping out and slipping a gift card into a cute envelope, explore the world of bibliophiles. Gifts for readers abound, from apparel and cozy blankets to classy bookmarks and reading lights. Bookworms love this kind of stuff, especially when it relates to their favorite hobby. From reading accessories to other literary gifts, scroll on to peruse the perfect gifts for book lovers in your life.

Floating bookshelves

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If your friend stacks their books on their floor and can’t get behind wooden shelves, floating bookshelves might be for them. Check out invisible floating shelves, or make a DIY shelf by repurposing a sturdy branch or rail, hanging strips of twine or thin rope for each book and then tying a thick knot at the end to keep the books from falling. Tuck the rope between the middle of the pages and let it hang.

You can find invisible book wall shelves at Urban Outfitters, acrylic bookshelves from Sooyee and a variety of options from Amazon.


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Does your bookworm read too many books at once? They’ll need a large supply of beautiful bookmarks. Etsy is the royalty of beautiful bookmarks, including leather, resin and art prints. Fan art for books, television and film abounds on this platform for small businesses.

If your friend drools over all things Harry Potter, but you have moral dilemmas adding to J.K. Rowling’s wealth, check out Etsy’s endless listings of Harry Potter bookmarks.

Annotate a book

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Though this takes by far the most effort, annotating a book for your family, friend or significant other will blow their mind. Whether you give them a book you’ve both had on your TBR for a while, or you give them your copy of your or their favorite book with annotations, they’ll share that reading experience with you. If you aren’t sure how to get started, there are some guides for learning how to annotate a book online.

Book candles

Source: Byredo

Have you ever imagined the scent of your favorite character? Or craved the scent of a library or old books? These aromas are available in candle form. If your friend swoons over the heroes of Jane Austen, seek out a character candle for Emma Woodhouse or Mr. Darcy. Even modern books have character candles. Check out Byredo Bibliothèque Fragranced Candle for a bookstore smell during your reading sessions.


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Most people struggle to keep books upright in spaces without support on the sides. Creative bookends offer a decorative solution and make great gifts for book lovers. Bookends range from abstract art to ornate sculptures inspired by scenes in classic novels. Etsy offers an impressive selection of “Lord of the Rings” bookends.

Book nook

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For the crafty gift-giver, try fashioning a book nook shelf insert, a popular trend on BookTok. A book nook sits among your books and often depicts a scene from a story or a still life. It’s similar to bookends, but often sits in between books instead of at the ends. Not a fan of DIY? Scroll through Etsy for a crazy amount of detailed book nooks, both kits and completed.

Page anchor


Bookworms often like to multitask while reading. After all, who can spend all their time with a book in their hand? Buy your book lover a page anchor to keep their chosen book open while drinking coffee or tea. This is a great reading accessory that means your bookworm won’t have to put their book down during the best part.

Book darts to mark lines

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Many bibliophiles spurn the tacky look of sticky notes. These book darts offer a classy alternative to multicolored paper tabs that emerge from the sides of your books.

Personal embosser or stamp

Source: William Sonoma

Check out Etsy or William Sonoma for personalized embossers and stamps to claim your books as your own. Every bookworm deserves to label their personal libraries. There’s nothing quite like opening your favorite books to find their name branded on the flyleaf.

Noise canceling headphones

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Losing yourself in the world building of a high fantasy novel is so much easier without the clatter of your significant other putting away the dishes in the background. If you have some money to spend, buy your book lover noise canceling headphones. Better yet, make them a playlist based on their favorite books to accompany the experience of the headphones.

Literati Book Club

Source: Literati

Book clubs fulfill a bookworm’s social quotas and TBRs simultaneously. You can sign your friend, partner or family up for a monthly book club subscription. These books are selected by various famous athletes, writers and more. Ever wonder what Malala’s reading? Literati will tell you. And you can read along with her.

Source: Etsy

Books and baking complement each other. Nothing quite matches the feeling of reading a book with a plate of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Why not make those cookies in the shape of a book? Check out this book cookie cutter on Etsy.

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