We tried Yesterday Wellness CBD – here’s our review

We tried Yesterday Wellness CBD – here’s our review
Source: Yesterday Wellness

Yesterday Wellness is a United States company that specializes in CBD products including soft-gelled pills for sleep aid, all-natural oils for a variety of needs and a balm for muscle recovery. All of their products are entirely organic, and they are all of the highest quality.

In an interview with Forbes, founder Eric Balden mentioned that he had a very specific goal in mind when developing his product; he wanted his product to appeal to a larger demographic than just the typical marijuana users who are “male and under 30.”

“It became increasingly clear that a large portion of new CBD users were female. These women all had something profoundly in common – they were stressed, overworked and tired,” says Balden. “I saw it in my own family, with both my mother and sister asking me if I knew where they could get high-quality CBD.

Balden’s goal when creating Yesterday Wellness was to create a product that women wanted to use, but without excluding their male demographic in the process.

What we thought of Yesterday Wellness

When Yesterday Wellness gave TMS the chance to review some of their products, their soft-gelled pills were an immediate interest. These softgels are hemp-derived, broad-spectrum CBD with melatonin. The company assured us that the ingredients are plant-based and completely natural, which made them even more comforting to take.

After trying them for a few nights, these softgels are amazing for sleeping. Seriously, it really knocks you out without that awful, groggy feeling. Just a wonderful, restful sleep.

Yesterday Wellness also sent us some traditional CBD oil droplets. Being familiar with oil droplets and having used them before, it was a great chance to compare these products to previous experiences.  The oil droplets come in three forms: 500 mg, 1000 mg and 1500 mg. The first two dosages can come in natural, lemon or mint flavors while the largest dosage only comes in natural flavor.

Yesterday Wellness sent us 500 mg of lemon, 1000 mg of mint and 1500 mg of natural. We were particularly excited to try the lemon. It provides a wonderful flavor without a bad aftertaste. Overall, the 1000 mg of mint was our preference because it actually leaves your breath smelling good! It’s like taking a breath mint that also enhances relaxation.

This leaves us with the 1500 mg of natural flavor. To be completely honest, our past experiences with CBD droplets with other brands have left an awful aftertaste. The natural hemp flavor can often be overwhelming, and it has been a deterrent for continuing to use CBD oil droplets in the past. We can assuredly say that the natural flavor of Yesterday Wellness CBD drops does not have a bad aftertaste. In fact, it was a pleasant, all-natural taste that proved to be beneficial at its higher dosage.

All in all, Yesterday Wellness creates some excellent products. We’ve experienced many different types of CBD oil, but this is one of the best brands on the market that we’ve tried, especially due to the flavors and variety that they provide. Overall, the softgel pills are our favorite, and we recommend giving them a shot if you are struggling with sleep.

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