Cool off with these water sports in Hong Kong this summer

Cool off with these water sports in Hong Kong this summer
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Are you bored of spending the summer in your bedroom binge watching Netflix movies and shows? Are you tired of staying at home in the summer instead of having fun outdoors with your friends? Time to get off the couch and actually enjoy the summer the way it should  be enjoyed – with the best water sports in Hong Kong!

What is more perfect than enjoying water sports in this melting summer heat with your friends and family? We have rounded up a list of exciting water sports in Hong Kong and ways to book them. So, pack up your swimsuit and water gear and let the water games begin! Before planning your activity, make sure to check the weather as the monsoon season in Hong Kong has started.

Night paddling in Cheung Chau

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What if we told you you can enjoy water sports in Hong Kong even after the sun has gone down? The breezy island of Cheung Chau offers a nighttime kayaking experience that is one-of-a-kind. Hop on the ferry from Central to Cheung Chau in the afternoon and meet with professional instructors at the island. Before hitting the sea, you will have a briefing on safety and will be taught simple kayaking skills as well as being provided with the necessary kayaking equipment.

When the sun starts to set, you will be paddling in the sea, enjoying the scenic Hong Kong skyline and even a beautiful sunset if you are lucky. If you are someone who adores the serenity of the nighttime, this unique experience is the perfect getaway. After paddling, you can top off the day with some local snacks from the shops in Cheung Chau. You can book this fun experience online through Klook.

Learn kiteboarding in Lantau Island

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Looking to test your skills with a more challenging water sport? This beginner’s course to kiteboarding in Lantau Island will provide the adrenaline rush you are seeking. By booking the trip through Klook, you’ll be signed up for kiteboarding lessons taught by expert instructors. Even if you are a rookie when it comes to balancing on a board, you’ll be able to get the hang of it with guidance from knowledgeable coaches before you ever hit the water. Plus, the gorgeous views of Lantau Island make the perfect backdrop for learning a new water sport.

Snorkelling in Green Egg Island, Sai Kung

For nature lovers, Green Egg Island in Sai Kung is the ultimate destination for exploring nature as well as taking a dip in the sea. After booking your trip through Klook, professional experts will teach you underwater breathing techniques and the basics of snorkelling. Once you’re underwater, you will observe an array of colorful coral reefs, fish and exotic marine life that live beneath the glistening turquoise waters. If you are a marine enthusiast, this is the best summer experience to tick off your bucket list. Don’t forget to snap some photos and record your thrilling experience for your socials.

Upright board yoga experience in Mui Wo

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You may have added yoga classes to your summer schedule, but have you heard of practicing yoga in the sea? Holimood provides an upright board yoga experience with professional guidance in Silver Mine Bay, Mui Wo. Participants are provided with a wide standing board to first practice upright yoga poses and balancing on the beach before heading out to the sea. Once on the open sea, the group will form a circle on their boards while practicing yoga and enjoying the soft ocean breeze. This activity is the perfect way to decompress and escape from the pressures of daily life.

Pedal boating at Inspiration Lake

If you are looking to hang out on the water with your family, then pedal boating at Inspiration Lake is a great group experience. Bring your kids or younger siblings along and rent a two-seater or four-seater pedal boat from the Inspiration Lake Recreation Centre. Inspiration Lake is also a beautiful spot for picnicking with your loved ones and your friends, so pack a picnic basket for lunch to make the most of your day. The lake is located near Hong Kong Disneyland, so if you are still up for it, you can head over to the much-loved theme park afterwards!

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