Don’t miss these fun things to do in Stanley, Hong Kong

Don’t miss these fun things to do in Stanley, Hong Kong
Source: Wikimedia Commons, WiNG

Stanley, Hong Kong is an immensely popular area among both locals and expats, and it’s not hard to see why. Within a 30-minute cab ride from Central, you can escape the concrete jungle, hustle and bustle and just slow things right down.

Once you get to Stanley, you can immerse yourself in this little town, enthralled with ample history and characterized by a rural yet colorful village that possesses an undeniable peaceful, ocean vibe.

With Tin Hau Temple and a gorgeous beach that isn’t filled with the same rowdy crowd of Repulse, there are just so many activities to engross yourself in during your visit. And so, here are some of the best things to do in Stanley, Hong Kong this summer.

Stanley Market

This is a very touristy and obvious activity in the area, but we wouldn’t necessarily call it a “tourist trap” by any means.

The relaxing atmosphere while you stroll down the alley with local merchants on both sides standing behind their stands filled with souvenirs, apparel, jewelry and accessories will definitely make it difficult to leave empty-handed. And, if the market is the first thing you check out at Stanley, you can even buy your swimwear for when you take a dip in the beach later.

Address: Stanley Market Road, Stanley

Stanley Main Beach

Stanley Main Beach is the place to consider cooling down this scorching summer. The beautiful water covering the soft and relatively untouched sand is a mere 10 minute-walk away from the promenade and market. And, if you want to avoid the crowds, we recommend St. Stephen’s, which is a lovely cove tucked 5 minutes away from the main beach.

Stanley Main is also a popular destination for all things water sports, with a heavy emphasis on windsurfing as well as paddleboarding. Go challenge yourself by picking up one of these activities with your friends or family for around HK$200 (US$26) to HK$300 (US$39) for the entire day.

Address: Stanley Main Beach, Stanley

Si Yik

Si Yik is a famous, hole-in-the-wall dai pai dong in Stanley that you cannot miss. For those non-Cantonese speakers, a dai pai dong is essentially an open-air food stall. The point is, If you’re looking forward to experiencing local Hong Kong-style dai pai dong, Si Yik in Stanley is the place to go.

Si Yik is decades old, but their authentic Hong Kong taste has remained uncompromised and unchanged giving you an authentic, gritty and classic Hong Kong dining experience. Although some may say the dilapidated outward appearance of Si Yik is a bit off putting. All we can say is that you’re missing out. The wait is typically around 20-30 minutes, but worth it.

Among all their local soul food, what we can recommend is their signature French toast. Si Yik’s renowned French toast has the perfect level of sweetness and has been recommended in different English and local publications over and over again as one of the best French toasts in the city. But, if you’re looking for a savory option, their fluffy egg sandwiches are also a must-have.

Address: 2 Stanley Market Street, Stanley

Rhino Rock Trail

Over the last couple of years, Rhino Rock Trail has become a more popular hiking trail in the city among the expat group especially, due to, you guessed it, its unique rhino shaped rock formation.

The best news for those slightly intimidated by the thought of a scary, intense hike, Rhino Rock Trail is pretty beginner friendly. On top of that, the 1.4 kilometer trail can typically be completed within an hour and a half both ways and offers hikers the chance to see wildlife. Even if you do this hike in the summertime, the ocean breeze will help keep you relatively cool. But, be sure to bring shoes with good grip, as the loose sand, climbing and occasional steepness will be a bit tougher!

Address: Wong Ma Kok Road, Stanley

Murray House

Murray House is a beautiful building in Stanley, Hong Kong with a rich history. It was built in the Victorian-era and has become an iconic landmark in the area. So much so that H&M has even decided to purchase a location there.

There are also a few restaurants at Murray House if you feel like sitting down for a nice romantic solo or duo meal while overlooking a stunning ocean view. Ocean Rock Seafood & Tapas gives you the opportunity to try an “authentic taste of the food and drink typically experienced on the West Coast seaside.” Now, don’t be put off when you see the price. For dinner, it’s about HK$1,320 (US$170) for two, but once you see the plethora of fresh seafood, you’ll understand the value.

Be sure to mentally prepare yourself for the urge to snap ongoing photos throughout your meal. Unsurprisingly, the Instagrammable building makes it a popular place for social media lovers.

Address: 96 Stanley Main Street, Stanley

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