Discover the best Thai food in Hong Kong at these local favorites

Discover the best Thai food in Hong Kong at these local favorites
Source: Tiew Ruea Tor Charm

On the hunt for delicious Thai food in Hong Kong? Fortunately for those of us in the city, there are so many Thai restaurants to choose from. With COVID-19 causing lockdowns and travel restrictions, it’s unlikely that you’ll be flying to Thailand anytime soon. Instead, take your taste buds on a trip at some of the best Thai restaurants in Hong Kong right now to satisfy your cravings.

Thai Simple Kitchen

Thai Simple Kitchen is simply a perfect place for a friendly gathering; the cozy vibes of this restaurant makes it a great place to hang out and chat. Located on the rooftop of the President Cinema, you can dine either indoors or outdoors, depending on what your group likes.

Be sure to try their sizzling omelet, which makes a good appetizer to share with the table. Deep fried oyster omelet is a Chiu Chow dish that is immensely popular. However, Thai Simple Kitchen serves their own oyster omelet with a healthy twist – piled on top of plenty of sprouts and cooked with less oil for a lighter flavor. Their tasty Thai-style pork knuckles also come in a hefty portion, which is perfect for sharing. While dinner pricing at Thai Simple Kitchen is already fair, averaging around HK$100-200 per person, their lunch sets are even more wallet-friendly at just HK$60 for your pick of five kinds of rice and noodles.

Address: President Cinema Roof Floor, 517 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay

Tiew Ruea Tor Charm

If you don’t know already, Tiew Ruea Tor Charm is a famous restaurant chain from Thailand. The Thai-style boat noodles are served in mini portions, so you can try all the options without overeating. Their soup base and sauces closely follow original recipes from Thailand, so you’ll get an authentic local taste.

If you aren’t sure what to order, we recommend going for the wagyu beef boat noodles. With the soft wagyu served with crunchy pork crackling and imported Thai sauce, you’ll understand why Tiew Ruea Tor Charm is on our list for the best Thai food in Hong Kong. The sauce ingredients remain a secret from even the kitchen staff – it’s that good.

Thai Cool

Another good Thai restaurant chain in Hong Kong is Thai Cool. All three of their locations are in Kowloon, but the Thai Cool in Tseung Kwan O has arguably the best dining environment. Facing the seaside, customers can enjoy the sea breeze while dining and this location is perfect for a gathering. And, If Hong Kong’s quintessential humid summer heat is too much to bear, you can opt for comfy indoor seats instead.

With such a great seaside location, it’ll surprise you that this joint doesn’t break the bank. The lunch sets are priced at just HK$58 and there are as many as 11 options, including Tom Yum seafood noodles soup and deep fried shrimp cake with Thai chicken feet salad. However, our favorite is the curry beef brisket stuffed in a giant baguette. You can also opt for a deep fried soft shell crab version of this if you’re craving seafood. Although not always available with the lunch set option, you can order this popular local favorite a la carte.

Auntie Dow Thai Signature Boat Noodles (豆姨姨泰國招牌船河)

Auntie Dow Thai Signature Boat Noodles is a small local Thai restaurant you might not have noticed before. This understated joint doesn’t even have an English name. So the name listed here is translated directly from Chinese.

Originally from Northern Thailand, Auntie Dow moved to Hong Kong many years ago. Using the same recipe as her mother (who also sells noodles back home in Thailand), Auntie Dow brings to Hong Kongers the authentic flavors of Northern Thai food. In case you aren’t in the mood for boat noodles, Auntie Dow offers a full menu including specialties like Thai hand-shredded chicken and rice, barbecue skewers and rice porridge.

Address: Shop B, G/F, Jade Court, 81-87 Wai Ching Street, Jordan

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