Check out these 3 spots for the best beef short ribs in Hong Kong

Check out these 3 spots for the best beef short ribs in Hong Kong
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Meat alert! We have great news for you fellow meat lovers. As you may already know, Hong Kong is a gourmet paradise, so the city is never short of notable steakhouses. But what if instead of your usual rib-eye or filet, you’re really craving beef short ribs?

We tried out a few places around the city to find the best beef short ribs in Hong Kong. Here are our top-three favorites to satisfy your short ribs cravings.

Backstreet Steak House

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Located in a backstreet in Wan Chai (hence the name), Backstreet Steak House has an unassuming outlook. But don’t be fooled by its modest exterior. Backstreet Steak House is easily one of the most popular restaurants among young people in Hong Kong. We do recommend that you make a reservation a few weeks in advance – because chances are that if you just walk in, you’ll have to wait for a long long time.

The United States Brandt Beef Choice Holstein short rib is a chef recommendation on the menu. The short rib’s fat is evenly distributed and gives a soft texture to the meat. We recommend you order these ribs medium-well so that you can properly enjoy the texture of the slightly burnt ends. While you’re at it, upgrade your side of fries to a buttered mashed potato for just HK$30.

Patience is key at Backstreet Steak House because their food is made to order. The kitchen prioritizes the quality of each dish over the speed of service. Not exactly friendly to your wallet, spending HK$200 to $300 here is inescapable. But, it’s worth it.

Address: Shop A, G/F, Wing Shing Building, 7 Cross Lane, Wan Chai

Mr. Crab by The Captain’s House

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Just a short walk away from Backstreet Steak House is another restaurant in Wan Chai with surprisingly delicious beef short ribs. Although Mr. Crab by The Captain’s House is a sea-themed restaurant that specializes in seafood, their slow cooked beef short ribs are a hidden gem on the menu.

This dish is so big it’s meant to be shared among four or five people, so bring your friends. Their soft and juicy short ribs come with a side of fries – and a small side salad to balance things out. If you start feeling guilty over this massive rack of ribs and fries, just tell yourself it’s good protein and carbs to keep you well fed.

Address: Shop C, G/F-1/F, 74-78 Johnston Road, Wan Chai

Studio Caffeine

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You probably weren’t expecting us to include a cafe in this list of the best beef short ribs in Hong Kong. But, Studio Caffeine actually provides tasty beef short ribs – in the form of a burger.

Their Mexican-style 16-hour Sous Vide Beef Short Ribs Burger is something that will prompt you to quickly return to this spot for an encore. Served in a Mexican sauce with cheddar cheese, jalapeño, lettuce and sour cream, this burger is a flavor explosion. If you’re not drooling already just reading this, then you will be after your very first bite. Pair the burger with a drink for 50% off, too.

There are very limited seats in the cafe, so you will just have to try your luck. Once you snag a seat, you can easily spend an afternoon here reading a book and trying out some of their fresh crop, traceable, specialty graded coffees.

Address: Shop B02, G/F, Block 1, Kin Ho Industrial Building, 14-24 Au Pui Wan Street, Fo Tan

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