Get creative at these art workshops in Hong Kong

Get creative at these art workshops in Hong Kong
Source: Pexels, Hana Mara

Other than being a dynamic metropolitan offering all kinds of fun experiences, from dining to shopping to sightseeing and hiking, Hong Kong’s art scene is also worth the mention. To support its local artists and the cultural and creative industry, the city has revitalized a host of buildings like The Mills and PMQ to showcase the cultural and artistic side of Hong Kong as well as providing a platform for local artisans to flourish.

If you are looking to dip your feet into Hong Kong’s vibrant art scene, one of the best ways is to take part in the range of arts and crafts workshops available to get some hands-on experience crafting different art pieces. With a host of art workshops in Hong Kong to choose from, you may not know where to begin. Therefore, we have rounded up some of the most fun and zestful art workshops in Hong Kong to check out which include diverse forms of arts.

HOH Studio

Get your hands dirty while making pottery at HOH Studio in Kwun Tong. HOH Studio provides different pottery workshops for newbies and a space for intermediate creatives to mold their pottery into beautiful ceramics in their free time. The pottery-making workshops offered are customized according to skill level, including art classes like Throwing, Hand-building and Painting.

Pottery artists can also rent the HOH Square where you are provided with basic tools, facilities and over 40 kinds of free glazes to create your own masterpiece whenever you want. If you want to sell your work, you can market your art through HOH Shop’s portal launching soon.

Mosaic Art Studio

Can’t visit Turkey during the pandemic, but want to bring Turkey home? Join Mosaic Art Studio’s mosaic lamp and ebru painting classes where you can make traditional Turkish lamps and colorful patterned ebru painted silk scarves.

Create a beautiful Turkish mosaic lamp with a variety of colorful shaped hand-cut glass and beads, and paint a silk scarf using different patterns and new skills taught by a professional Turkish artist. Other than taking Turkish-designed gifts home, you can also learn how to make refreshing Turkish coffee at the studio. For the perfect creative afternoon sip some Turkish coffee and savor delicious Turkish delights while making your art.

Nagomi Pastel Art Workshop

Source: PMQ

If you are planning a trip to visit PMQ in Hong Kong, don’t forget to book yourself a spot at the Nagomi Pastel Art workshop hosted by Issatise Studio. Nagomi Art is a form of Japanese healing art which serves as a therapeutic means to calm artists. In this relaxing workshop, artists use pastels and their fingers to create heartwarming pieces.

In the process of blending the colors together, artists can feel a sense of relaxation and mindfulness which helps release stress. The cute and simple pieces you take home for display can be a reminder to take a break and wind down every once in a while amid the hustle and bustle of the city.

Thistle Candle

Scented candles are a popular gift for friends and loved ones. But you can make this present unique and more thoughtful by making it yourself. Thistle Candle provides candle-making workshops for creating handmade candles that come in a range of sophisticated designs and themes. The myriad designs include flowers, crystal balls, pyramids, gemstones and festive themes like pumpkin, Christmas tree and Easter egg. With the guidance of skilled instructors, participants can make the perfect candles for gifting loved ones this upcoming holiday season.


Contemporary yet stylish jewelry is all the rage nowadays, from dainty bracelets to trendy earrings and statement rings. To add panache to your style, creating and customizing your own pieces in DIY jewelry and metalwork workshops provided by Obellery’s Contemporary Jewellery Studio at PMQ can up your accessorizing game.

In these workshops, you will learn silversmithing skills like piercing, annealing, texturing and more. With the help of knowledgeable instructors and the right tools, you can design your own aesthetic with wearable rings and bangles. You can even make wedding rings with your significant other at the studio for a one-of-a-kind memory.

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