Check out some of these restaurants in Central, Hong Kong

Check out some of these restaurants in Central, Hong Kong
Source: Belon, Black Sheep Restaurants

Foodies with cash to burn flock to the best restaurants in Central for amazing eats and hopefully a view of the iconic Victoria Harbor. These eateries define fine dining with their experimental dishes, beautiful presentations and stunning interiors. Though you may have to budget on groceries for the rest of the month, the meals are well worth the money.

The best restaurants in Central endeavor to make an impression that will draw you back whenever you crave a plate filled with edible opulence. Try Italian food imprinted with the chef’s memory of his home or an Okinawan meal laced with Cuban and Caribbean flavors. Or maybe you’d like a night of Parisian fare influenced by local cuisine.

Whatever your preference, you’re sure to find some version of it shining near Victoria Harbor, beckoning pedestrians and tourists with their mouthwatering scents and bustling dining rooms. So, read on and check out one of these best restaurants in Central, Hong Kong.


“Memory forges the cuisine, the cuisine revives memory,” reads Estro’s minimalist website, though minimalism is perhaps antithetical to Estro’s food and decor. Estro means “inspiration” in Italian, and Naples native Chef Antimo Maria Merone and Hong Kong designer André Fu certainly make customers feel inspired.

Chef Merone’s Neapolitan cooking evokes an earthy but luxurious gustatory aesthetic, matched by Fu’s interiors. The simple geometry of the space complemented by muted autumnal tones and with woodland elements is reminiscent of a modern Italian villa. While many restaurants focus on cuisine or a thematic experience, Estro is born of Merone’s memories of Italy.

When you think of Italian food, your tastebuds most likely recall pasta and fresh salads doused in olive oil. Merone’s menu goes beyond average Italian fare, with his own interpretation and experience of the cuisine and its history. Even if you’ve never visited Italy, the food will transport you to your own version of Europe.

Maybe that’s what Merone’s quote references – he forges cuisine with memory, and that cuisine revives your memories. Highlights of the menu include ink gnocchi made with fresh seafood and a kick of spice and a rich hazelnut rocher.


Moxie recently made it into the big leagues of fine dining within Hong Kong. Located at Alexandra House, Moxie’s simple, clean space draws on Japanese and Scandinavian food and design. Led by Chef Michael Smith, Moxie’s plant-based menu showcases international cuisine heavily influenced by European culinary traditions.

Moxie sources local ingredients, including sustainably procured seafood and produce from regional farms. Open for all three meals of the day, Moxie has you covered when it comes to veganism, fresh food and fun flavors. Their website boasts of a tasting menu coming soon, so we wait in eager anticipation.

Awa Awa

Come taste a spoonful of Okinawa; an island often referred to as “Japan’s Hawaii.” Sprinkled with the influences of the Caribbean, Tokyo, Cuba and more, Awa Awa serves up global cuisine and ties it all together with a tropical bar vibe.

The creative cocktails are obligatory for maximum enjoyment, but if you’re abstaining for the evening, you’ll still have a blast with Chef Joe Chan’s eclectic menu, like sweet and sour pork, wheat noodles, mango salsa and other spicy dishes inspired by the tropics. The neon-lit space, reminiscent of a vintage Las Vegas and Taiwan, pops with art-deco and other vibrant interiors. Come celebrate life with Awa Awa and its beautiful food.


A leadership change can be a death sentence for a restaurant, especially one with a historically stellar reputation. But the reviews are in, and the locals met Fresh restaurant Belon’s new look with approval. Baltimore native Chef Matthew Kirkley has taken over as Head Chef, and now the interiors mix contemporary designs with splashes of antique decor – think aged plaster and a dark but elegant color palette.

After two decades working in renowned culinary institutions (bestowed with two or three Michelin stars), like Chicago’s L20 and Coi in San Francisco, Chef Kirkley is revamping what locals already loved. While the menu has kept old favorites like Poulet in Pomme Puré, new additions showcase Chef Kirkley’s love of fresh seafood, which he cultivated along the US’s Chesapeake Bay.
From simplistic to sophisticated and classic to speculative, Belon’s update features expertly executed signatures, such as Salade Gourmande and other dishes founded in French fare and made with local ingredients. Just make sure you know where you’re going. Unlike other restaurants in Central, Belon’s signage is subtle among a sea of blazing lights.

You can even sit at the kitchen counter, though you must reserve those seats. Belon will give you dinner and a show – the show just happens to be your dinner in process. Watch Chef Kirkley and his team deftly prepare staples of every French kitchen with Hong Kong’s seasonal ingredients. The menu at the kitchen table is curated for four, which includes wine pairing. They might just inspire you to take your cooking to the next level.

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