Meet 4 zero waste companies making an impact in Hong Kong

Meet 4 zero waste companies making an impact in Hong Kong
Source: Beyond Plastic

Amid the worsening environmental situation of our world, zero waste is a method to combat this issue and lighten our carbon footprint. As Dr. Elliana Rose, a medical doctor specializing in pharmacology, immunology, internal medicine and pediatrics, explains, “zero waste is a holistic approach to addressing the problem of unsustainable resource flows.”

She further explains that zero waste ultimately benefits our society in how “a zero waste approach conserves natural resources and reduces pollution from extraction, manufacturing and disposal.” It also “reduces our climate impact,” being a “key strategy to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions” and thus benefiting our world in lightening our carbon footprint.

The Hong Kong government has also established a new Waste Blueprint for Hong Kong 2035 earlier in 2021 to tackle waste management issues. Following the decrease in recycling in the city and scarcity of space in Hong Kong landfills, the blueprint aims to achieve three goals – reduce the per capita MSW (municipal solid waste) disposal rate by 40-45%, increase resources circulation by bringing the recovery rate to about 55% and to achieve “Zero Landfill.” The goal of “Zero Landfill” can be aided by the zero waste movement, giving the Hong Kong community food for thought.

A tip to start your path to zero waste would simply be to follow the three R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle. With various resources and information available in Hong Kong, you can start reducing and reusing resources as soon as possible. Recycling may not be the top priority compared to reducing overall consumption, but if you’re a newbie, this does help, too.

In light of this, here are some shops to start your zero waste journey in Hong Kong.

Live Zero

Live Zero is recognized as “Hong Kong’s first zero waste bulk store,” established in 2018 initially with an offline store located in Sai Kung. Now, with an additional store located in Sai Ying Pun and an option to order online, Live Zero is thriving in providing all the necessary products and information regarding zero waste in Hong Kong.

Live Zero is passionate about spreading awareness of the zero waste movement, and they also sell various products suitable for this lifestyle. From food products to beauty, home and living and reusable equipment, Live Zero is equipped with zero waste resources as well as tips for changing your lifestyle on its blog. For more information regarding the impact of zero waste practices on the environment, food recipes using zero waste products and tips for home and personal hygiene, Live Zero has you covered.

Address: G/F, 33 High St, Sai Ying Pun


Edgar serves both as a zero waste bulk grocery shop as well as a project from the European Commission for Global Atmospheric Research, aiming to “promote direct and indirect reduction of emissions.” Edgar brings back “natural, organic and fair trade products made by long-established brands and passionate independent artisans, transported in bulk for minimal carbon footprint” from Europe.

Mainly focused on food products, you can visit the store for an interactive experience and meet other eco-friendly and conscious people. Make sure to bring a container to shop and help “create a sustainable future for all.”

Address: 5 Moon Street, Wanchai


Founded by Dora Lam and Jeff Chen, a couple born and raised in Hong Kong, Slowood is another business contributing to the zero waste movement in Hong Kong. Stemming from Lam’s want for sustainable yet healthy products during her pregnancy, Lam and Chen wanted to “leave a better future for the next generation” and “share this concept with the community in Hong Kong.”

Lam further states that Slowood has “built a new image for sustainability” where “one does not have to sacrifice sustainability for aesthetics” and has effectively “(merged) lifestyle and groceries together.”

Slowood provides stations to refill groceries by weight and an online platform for purchasing groceries and various household products. Although pricier than common products found in supermarkets, Slowood ensures high quality and sustainability that considers both the consumer and future generations to come.

Address: Shop 1-3, G/F, The Hudson 11 Davis Street, Kennedy Town

Beyond Plastic

Beyond Plastic focuses on eliminating our use of plastic and replacing it with its “biodegradable, compostable and ecological household products.” Beginning their journey in early 2019, Beyond plastic has not only focused on providing products to aid people in the zero waste movement but also has conducted initiatives like beach clean-ups and donating 20% of profits to rural communities in Cameroon, which “supports young women … to continue their studies and participate in various extracurricular activities.”

Address: Unit 1, 3/F Organic Industrial Centre, 2 Lee Lok Street, Ap Lei Chau

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