What are the best note-taking apps for iPad?

What are the best note-taking apps for iPad?
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If you have an iPad, you might use it to draw, play games or read. But, when it comes to schoolwork or daily journaling, you may have been overlooking this handy device.

But many of the best note-taking apps for iPad come with templates and various pens and tools to create different effects. Plus, these apps are convenient, space-saving and relatively eco-friendly compared to using paper.

Whether you’re creating lists, mind-mapping or even writing prose, you can easily keep track of your thoughts with the best note-taking apps for iPad. You can even convert PDF files, textbooks or lecture slides into the apps, making them available for you to annotate right on your device. Furthermore, many of the best note-taking apps for iPad allow archiving, making it simple for you to find and organize your notes and journals. For journals, organizing by date or content or just using the search function can be helpful when you need to find something specific.

There are so many apps for writing notes on the Apple App Store already, so it can be tough to narrow down what’s best for you. If you’re having a hard time choosing, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best note-taking apps for iPad to help get you started.


Source: Goodnotes

With a generous number of templates as well as features like highlighting, various pen styles and even different background colors, Goodnotes is one of the best note-taking apps for iPad if you’re looking for something straightforward. This app particularly appeals to those who prefer handwritten notes, as it turns your iPad into “digital paper.”

For note-taking, Goodnotes allows you to put two documents side-by-side, and you can document multiple tabs at once with easy access, just like your browser tabs. In addition, you can decorate the notebooks you create within the app with various folder covers, making it easier to sort and look through your library of notes. They also host an online note-sharing community, so you can easily share, borrow and collaborate with other note-takers.


Source: Notability

Notability caters to people who need to write notes and need features such as presenting and drawing. With a variety of templates along with password protection and audio recording available, Notability allows you to personalize and protect your notes and journal entries.

Additional in-app purchases are available for help with things like math conversions within documents, and Notability stickers help decorate and liven up your notes and journals. The Notability gallery lets you share your creations within a community of other app users. There is an annual subscription fee, but it’s worth it if you’re looking for a bit more out of your note-taking app.


Source: Nebo

Nebo is a digital notebook that comes with a “world-beating AI” that “understands every word you write.” Not only can you handwrite your notes, no matter how messy, but you can also convert your notes into typed text. Available in 66 languages, you can clean up your messy handwriting in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, the integration with Google Drive allows you to conveniently sync your notes and journals online, making it easy for sharing.

Paired with Nebo Viewer, a companion app, you can also view your notes from your iPhone. This handy app has a range of packs to choose from that offer varying features, so you can set up the app just how you like it.


Source: Bear

Bear provides you spaces for notes, journals, to-do lists and tasks, and it allows you to connect notes with links in the form of tags. Compatible with iPad’s built-in functions like Siri and iOS shortcuts, Bear makes the process of creating, organizing and finding notes easier.

Winning the Apple Design Award in 2017, the app is known for its functionality and customization. With a sensitive search tool and a sidebar of folders that you can rename using emoji, you can navigate efficiently throughout the app. Many of the features are free to use, and for more advanced features, Bear offers the flexible option of a monthly or annual subscription.

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