5 classic Hong Kong dessert spots to check out

5 classic Hong Kong dessert spots to check out
Source: Food Panda, Sawdust Dessert

Hong Kong is well-known for its plethora of diverse culinary cultures. There’s plenty to eat and experience in the city, including classic Hong Kong dessert spots for a local treat.

From sweet soups to egg tarts and more, classic Hong Kong dessert stands out among the local Cantonese cuisine. We’ve rounded up a list of the best Hong Kong dessert spots and traditional desserts for you to explore and experience.

Mammy Pancake’s Egg Waffles

First, a staple – the Hong Kong egg waffle, also known as gai daan tsai 雞蛋仔. Mammy Pancake serves a classic egg waffle as well as sweet egg waffles, like their chocolate chip egg waffle. Or, try some more “unusual” flavors like the sea salt seaweed waffle (perfect for those who enjoy savory desserts). Mammy’s was also a Michelin-recommended Hong Kong street food pick for five consecutive years.

The egg waffles at Mammy Pankcake’s are big and cheap, priced around HK$20-35 (US$2.50-4.50). In addition, there are options for adding other ingredients like ice cream and egg puffs for a small charge. With various locations across Hong Kong – Sheung Wan, Jordan, Wan Chai and more – this shop will satisfy your craving for a Hong Kong dessert wherever you happen to be. In true street food style, this is a take-away shop; their egg waffles are easy to eat while exploring the local neighborhood. Plus, they’re super Instagrammable.

Tai Cheong Bakery’s Egg Tarts

Another staple Hong Kong dessert are egg tarts, and Tai Cheong Bakery does not disappoint in this category. Established in 1954, the bakery has a long history of serving heartwarming, tasty desserts like egg tarts and Chinese donuts. The soft, creamy inside of egg tart surrounded by a buttery, crunchy pastry makes this a signature dish that many locals find themselves craving over and over again.

Even amid the popularity and availability of egg tarts, Tai Cheong Bakery’s egg tarts are ranked as No. 1 in Hong Kong “by many local and global media and tourists.” Tai Cheong Bakery has also released unique variations of their egg tart, like the blueberry tart, which has become a popular go-to flavor choice.

Sweet Dreamer Dessert’s Sweet Soup

Although, as the name suggests, Sweet Dreamer Dessert serves an array of desserts, we recommend you try the sweet soup to start. Sweet soup’s unconventional yet tasty combination of flavor and texture makes it a classic Hong Kong dessert that many locals enjoy.

Sweet Dreamer Dessert serves the most popular variation, mango soup, and other unique flavors like durian and red bean soup. These soups are topped with assortments like grass jelly, rice balls, glutinous rice and more. As their motto says, you’ll want to just “shut up and eat dessert.”

Yan Wo Dou Bun Chong’s Tofu Pudding

Yan Wo Dou Bun Chong is not just a dessert shop; it’s a street food shop. However, the dessert we’d recommend here is tofu pudding. From the original tofu pudding to the addition of toppings like ginger sauce, evaporated milk, glutinous rice and more, this dessert’s soft, sweet fusion is unique and pleasing to locals and tourists alike.

You can also sprinkle some orange sugar on top, but make sure not to sprinkle too much. This local shop has a bustling atmosphere and serves dessert quickly, so you can easily grab this as a quick treat. The dessert is also vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Address: No. 55 Jardine’s Bazaar, Causeway Bay

Sawdust Dessert

Source: Food Panda, Sawdust Dessert

Sawdust Dessert is another Causeway Bay Hong Kong-style dessert spot, most famous for its mango sagos and mango pancakes. The sagos are perfect for satisfying anyone’s sweet tooth. Their silky texture contrasts nicely with the chewy flavor of taro balls or glutinous rice.

Also known for their low prices – everything on the menu comes in under HK$50 (US$6.50) – this is an easy go-to Hong Kong dessert spot to try with friends and family. The menu is in Chinese, so if you want to try the mango sago or mango pancakes, just look out for these characters: 芒果西米 and 芒果煎餅.

Address: G/F, Shining Building, 477-481 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay

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