Where to find the best waffles in San Diego

Where to find the best waffles in San Diego
Source: Atypical Waffle Company

San Diego’s brunch obsession guarantees several spots to gobble down some amazing waffles. Maybe Southern California’s jewel isn’t known for the honeycomb-shaped breakfast item as much as Western Europe and America’s Southern cuisine. But San Diego understands the most important meal of the day, and San Diegans revel in it.

From affordable North Park joints and boba tea bars to retro diners and holes in the wall, you can easily find a delicious stack of the pancake’s rival whether you crave a sugary or savory meal. So keep reading to learn about some of our favorite spots in San Diego to find the best waffles.

Atypical Waffle Company

best waffles in San Diego - Atypical Waffle Company
Source: Atypical Waffle Company

Undoubtedly the most familiar joint for outstanding waffles in San Diego, North Park’s Atypical Waffle Company has it all. The menu offers both sweet and savory, from classic combinations to choose-your-own-adventures.

These waffles are yeast-risen and stuffed with Belgian pearl sugar, and they take about three days to make. The recipe for the dough goes back over 300 years and originated in Liege, Belgium. But Atypical Waffles isn’t your average European waffle house; they also mix it up with California street-style ingredients and presentation.

Though located in San Diego, the restaurant itself has a Portland, Oregon vibe. It’s a mix between a backyard brunch party and a hidden alleyway hangout. You might miss it since it’s sandwiched between an old laundromat and a surfer’s home.

Looking for a classic Cali meal? Order the Number Seven, an indulgent breakfast topped with smashed avocado, goat cheese and smoked candied bacon. For vegetarians on the hunt for something Cali, try the Veggie Melt with avocado, mozzarella, red peppers, arugula and more.

Jam & Brie offers a classic winter combination, while Cookie Butter is for the sweet tooth of the group. Kids that turn their noses up at toppings can order a simple waffle (if you can call a waffle that takes three days to make simple). Not seeing anything particularly appealing? Choose your own toppings from a list at the bottom of the menu. If you can’t manage an entire waffle, Atypical also makes adorable mini waffles.

The Waffle Spot

best waffles in San Diego - The Waffle Spot
Source: The Waffle Spot

This iconic diner has a sweet color palette of light blues and purples along with a killer menu. Its storybook theme and kid’s menu makes it perfect for birthday parties or a family outing. Sir Wafflelot has become a local legend among San Diegan children, especially waffle-lovers.

Their waffle specialties include a variety of sugary recipes like apple cinnamon and red velvet and the obligatory chicken and waffles combo. If you’re in need of a heartier option but don’t want to pass on the waffles, check out the Eggs Waffle Benedict. While The Waffle Spot made its name for some of the best waffles in San Diego, it also delivers on diner food like burgers, sandwiches and fries.

Cafe Hue

best waffles in San Diego - Cafe Hue
Source: Facebook, Cafe Hue

This restaurant might look unimpressive on the outside, but the aroma of freshly baked desserts will erase your doubts before you open the door. Cafe Hue is a cute spot to hang out with your friends and indulge your cravings, from bubble tea and gelato to crepes and waffles.

The vast menu might overwhelm indecisive customers, but the friendly staff is more than happy to make personal recommendations. While most walk into this cafe for some sweet eats, Cafe Hue can easily whip up a delicious savory crepe garnished with balsamic vinaigrette. Whether you stop here after dinner or for dinner, you won’t be disappointed.

Let’s not forget why we’re here! Waffles. They’re fluffy, fresh and not overly sugary. Plus, the sheer amount of toppings you can add will blow your mind.

Cafe 222

Named as one of San Diego’s best breakfast spots, Cafe 222 opened almost 30 years ago in Downtown’s Marina District. Waffles might be the go-to option for regulars, but this cafe also serves up a mouthwatering eggs Benedict and some fluffy biscuits drizzled in thick gravy.

When lunchtime rolls around, the neighborhood flocks here for homestyle meals, like the tuna melt and Southern-style chili. If you’re struggling to choose a waffle option, opt for the famous pumpkin waffle, an airy pumpkin pie-flavored breakfast. Complete with cozy booth seating and a patio for basking in San Diego weather, Cafe 222 is a must when it comes to experiencing Southern California’s breakfast (especially for some of the best waffles).

Country Waffles Point Loma

Source: Yelp

Point Loma’s best waffle joint embodies an image of a blue gingham tablecloth with a waffle topped with strawberries and cream. The ultimate American breakfast. Think of any breakfast or lunch you associate with American cuisine, and Country Waffles Point Loma has it. Burgers, sandwiches, eggs, platters, wraps and more.

Their waffles diverge from most others on this list. Instead of the thick Belgium-style, these waffles come in thin circles. But, don’t worry, they’re still packed with buttery flavor. Most options are sweet, but they also serve up a few waffle sandwiches with a variety of meats and cheeses available.

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