A look at Campo Marzio’s vision to functional luxury for the “young executive”

A look at Campo Marzio’s vision to functional luxury for the “young executive”
Source: Campo Marzio

World-renowned Italian company Campo Marzio believes that luxury shouldn’t compromise functionality. They stand by the belief that the stylish deserve both, along with a fashionable splash of vibrancy. The brand’s vision presents business as fashion and arms people working and traveling with style that goes beyond the surface.

Founded in 1933, Campo Marzio had its beginnings in Via di Campo Marzio, also known as the stationary sector of Rome. “Bottega Artigiana,” its original name, focused first on developing writing implements. Each product on offer is created in-house, and the Marzio team produces and distributes items characterized by timeless craftsmanship, innovation and color.

Campo Marzio early beginnings
Source: Campo Marzio

If you thought that stationary didn’t quite belong in fashion, think again. Campo Marzio has re-imagined how modern professionals think about and use writing implements.

Since its founding, especially during the 1990s, Campo Marzio’s product line has diversified considerably to include accessories like backpacks, bags, notebooks, journals and more. Campo Marzio has since extended its reach to attain international acclaim while maintaining its ties to classic Italian craftsmanship. The brand now includes more than 50 locations in over 30 countries.

We spoke with Campo Marzio’s Asia Development Manager Vlada Davidovic to learn more about the brand’s belief in functional luxury and its expansion into Asia and the Hong Kong market.

Expanding to Asia

“With the Asian market, we focused on three things: color, functionality and trendiness,” says Vlada Davidovic. “Japan, Korea, Hong Kong [and] Singapore have the tendency to like color, trends, functionality and good prices.”

From the product itself to the signature orange shopping bag, Campo Marzio presents a united brand tied together by the three words Davidovic names: color, function, trend. But simply because they play along with trends doesn’t mean they can’t adhere to their tradition of innovation.

“We have the freedom to experiment with our products,” says Davidovic. “Because, you know, older luxury brands have a very strict line to follow. We can get out of the cliché.”

Davidovic emphasizes the popularity of women’s bags and the opportunity for product line experimentation. “In the last two years we have expanded our women’s bags,” he says.

“Women’s bags are quite successful because the ladies in Asia like to shop for colorful products and original designs. For example, we have what we call a 3-in-1 tote bag. The bag is reversible. We have one side that you can reverse to have the second color. And also it has an easily detachable pouch to carry your lunch.”

Campo Marzio and the young executive

Campo Marzio and the young executive
Source: Campo Marzio

Davidovic calls Campo Marzio’s primary customer the young executive. “They like luxury brands, but they like us as an alternative brand,” says Davidovic. “We’re easier going and more functional.”

If you’re wondering what a young executive looks like, think of people in the 30-45 age range with white-collar jobs. They’re always in a hurry and need multifunctional products to help them get through the day with style and efficiency.

Davidovic describes bags designed for business that speaks to the company’s mission of working in style. They’re precisely the kind of multifunctional item a business person would need to stay organized and prepared.

“These bags allow you to bring your computer, your iPad, your papers, so you can be ready for your meetings,” explains Davidovic. “And all of your devices are kept safe.” Some bags can even provide storage for shopping outings or extra clothes for post-office workouts.

Bridging the gap between stationary and style

Campo Marzio reinvents stationary
Source: Campo Marzio

If you’re wondering how stationary can be fashionable, check out Campo Marzio’s website, plump with beautiful products, and you’ll understand. The modern pens, Italian leather goods and other accessories complete the work-in-style aesthetic, an aspect of work-life that has recently risen in popularity.

The pandemic opened up space for professionals to focus on reinventing their office space at home, giving people time to indulge in luxury goods.

To give you an idea of how Campo Marzio has made stationary stylish, let’s look into a few of their most popular items. For example, the bestselling polka dot mini ballpoint pen of the MIPO collection comes in various bright colors. It’s playful and elegant with a brass finish.

Another popular pen comes from the Minny pen line: a modern fountain pen. Its rounded shape and small size make it perfect for a portable pen that doesn’t neglect beauty. The idea is that with one of Campo Marzio’s pens, you can make memories while writing. Their pens use universal pen refills, so you can keep using them for the long run – this is a statement pen.

The simple but sleek notebooks and journals make the perfect vessel for writing down your notes and thoughts. And if you fret over losing your prized writing implements, Campo Marzio created a faux leather pen case to keep track of your favorite pens.

Seeking a few more fashionable items for your desk? Peruse their website for desk accessories like mouse pads, paper cutters, memo cardholders, photo frames, desk organizer sets and more. If you’re concerned about environmental impact, check out their EcoSMART collection.

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