9 Korean variety shows on Netflix to binge-watch

Looking for new Korean variety shows on Netflix to add to your watchlist? We’ve got you covered.

9 Korean variety shows on Netflix to binge-watch
Source: Netflix

Looking for new Korean variety shows on Netflix to add to your watchlist? We’ve got you covered.

Netflix has tons of dramas, comedies, documentaries and more available for streaming. And, whether you’re looking for something to pass the time or something you can crack up to, variety shows are a popular choice. And, with the Korean wave, or Hallyu, spreading like wildfire, Korean variety shows are definitely something to look out for while you’re browsing on Netflix.

The Korean show “Running Man” was a hit globally, and it’s no wonder. The pun-filled dialogue to comedic stunt action to Korean star-studded features set Korean variety shows apart from others in the genre. Often unscripted, you can catch honest and hilarious reactions that will keep you laughing out loud.

“Paik’s Spirit”

This show follows Chef Paik Jong-won on food tours around Korea. Accompanied by a special celebrity guest at each restaurant, Chef Paik not only stresses the importance of eating good food but the value of heartwarming conversations shared around the dinner table. This Korean variety show shines a spotlight on the beauty of indulging in food with friends – and it will make you hungry, too.

“Single’s Inferno”

Recognized by many as the Korean version of Netflix’s “Too Hot to Handle,” “Single’s Inferno” is a reality dating show filled with singles ready to mingle. This show proved to be a big hit on Netflix, even joining Netflix’s global Top 10.

Twelve participants – all as “swoon-worthy” as most popular Korean stars – are stranded on the island “Inferno” of Saseungbong, Ongjin. The island serves contestants the bare minimum, but they can leave for a night to “Paradise” in a luxurious hotel if they couple up. So cling on to something while watching because drama will be served!


If you’re into mystery and solving puzzles, this is the Korean variety show for you. Cast members Yoo Jae-suk, Park Min-young, Lee Kwang-soo, Ahn Jae-wook, EXO’s Sehun and Kim Se-jeong become detectives facing various cases together, collaborating to solve the mystery.

Aside from solving mysteries, the banter and playful fights among the cast will keep you entertained. There are also many guest stars, so keep a lookout for your favorite Korean celebrities whilst solving the mysteries.

“Men on a Mission”

Airing weekly, meet your favorite Korean stars on “Men on a Mission,” also known as “Knowing Bros” or “Ask Us Anything.” Staged like a Korean high school, the show puts your favorite Korean celebrities in high school uniforms while they drop the honorifics of the Korean language and explore secret stories and talents they have with the hosts of the show. The random yet insightful quizzes and ridiculous “talents” that the stars reveal are bound to make you giggle, so hit this show up for a casual laugh.

“New World”

“New World” literally puts both the stars and audience in a new world – on a utopian island with the aim of the participants cooperating with each other to earn virtual currency. Six celebrities – Kai, Lee Seung-gi, Kim Hee-cheol, Eun Ji-won, Cho Boa and Park Na-rae – venture into the island and strategize to reap the most “monetary” benefit in the end. Filled with chemistry as well as betrayal, watch out for the fierce competition and plot twists that test the cast members.

“The Hungry and the Hairy”

Follow Rain and Noh Hong-chul on a trip exploring Korea’s local foods and stunning views. Rain, a famous singer and actor, is always on a diet but loves food, so he brings the “hungry,” and comedian Noh Hong-chul brings the “hairy” with his beard.

Despite being very different, the two are already very close, and their chemistry during the road trip is charming. This Korean variety show is a chill travelogue with fun banter that will keep you watching.

“Love Naggers”

Comprising three seasons so far, “Love Naggers” you can watch for fun or relationship advice. The hosts read through difficult dating situations every week that trigger their natural (and diverse) reactions. Accompanied by immersive re-enactments of the problematic relationship at hand, the hosts discuss the issues and potential solutions for a variety of tricky relationship situations.

“Wassup Man Go”

Source: Netflix

In need of a good laugh? “Wassup Man Go” follows the hilarious Park Joon, an ex-K-pop idol famous for his unfiltered talk, around Los Angeles with the aim of auditioning for a Hollywood film. Join him in eating, working out with Hollywood trainers, attending parties and even the Oscars (from a distance) for a good laugh and insight into the glitter of LA.

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