Where to buy flowers in San Diego

Where to buy flowers in San Diego
Source: Communal Coffee

Whether you’re looking for a cute boutique that stocks fresh flowers or a florist that arranges alluring bouquets, flowers in San Diego aren’t difficult to find. Flowers can offer us a break from the monotony of San Diego’s color scheme – dusty brown, dry green and sea blue. Though you can seek out blooming patches of wildflowers in spring, San Diego residents deserve flowers all year long.

The impact of keeping flowers in your home ranges from improving your mood to reducing anxiety. In addition, the bright and fresh aesthetic of flowers lends your space the color and scent of the natural world. In short, flowers make us feel good.

So, why not treat yourself to a personalized handful of flowers or gift them to a loved one? The only thing better than receiving flowers on a special occasion is receiving flowers for the simple reason that someone wanted to bring you joy. Read on for a list of the best places to buy flowers in San Diego.

San Diego farmers markets

Go to any farmers market, and you’ll find a slew of vibrant flowers available for purchase, sold both individually and in arrangements. You can explore a farmers market in San Diego pretty much any day of the week.

The county houses more than 6,500 farms and has the highest number of small farms in the country, so its bounty of markets makes sense. From the upscale vibe of Little Italy’s Saturday Mercato to the hipster Pacific Beach market on Tuesday and Saturday, you have your pick of the litter when it comes to farmers market flowers.

Communal Coffee

If you often find yourself in North Park, you might have noticed the horde of people gathered around a white brick and mortar building with bold black letters that read “COFFEE + FLOWERS.” It’s a simple marketing strategy but an effective one.

The rich strength of coffee paired with the delicate sensibility of flowers follows an elegant theme that appeals to almost everybody. While they often sell out, Communal Coffee’s beautiful bouquets and arrangements are perfect for events, especially weddings. Plus, why not snatch a pastry on the way out the door?

Sage Sisters

Though undeniably pricey, Sage Sisters always delivers a unique selection of seasonal flowers sourced from local and organic farms. It’s a beautiful reminder of what San Diego’s earth regularly produces throughout the year.

They craft the arrangements and bouquets on-site and deliver them by hand. Sage Sisters offers a variety of styles, including vintage jam jars, classic glass vases, coffee cups and wraps.

Native Poppy

Many florists have cemented their status as reliable sources of fresh flowers for at least a couple of decades, but Native Poppy has already dug loyal roots among the locals. Feeding off the trendy simplicity you often find on artsy, feminine Pinterest boards, Native Poppy features the slogan, “pretty wild flowers,” on a white building with ballet slipper pink trim. It began as a one-person flower journey in a backyard curating arrangements for events but swiftly turned into a full-blown business.

The brick-and-mortar flower shop isn’t your typical florist. For one, they don’t offer single-bloom bunches. Instead, their team of designers fashions creative arrangements meant to revolutionize the art of gifting flowers. Native Poppy delivers same-day, next-day or allocated days across San Diego county. They will soon schedule workshops that instruct you on creating garlands, wreaths, flower crowns and more. Sign up for the email newsletter for updates.

Emerald & Ivy

Whether you visit the plant boutique located in South Park to pick up a houseplant or commission Mishele Freeman’s services for floral designs, Emerald & Ivy has much to give those who love a little live decoration. With over 25 years of designing floral arrangements under her belt, Freeman crafts customized arrangements for a boutique experience.

Most clients order flowers for special events, like weddings. She meticulously combines a variety of dried flowers, fruit, greenery and fresh flowers to cater to individual tastes.

Visit the South Park plant boutique to explore your love of home greenery. They stock plants, pots and other accessories. They even have a soil bar that allows you to pot your plant in the store with a range of crystals, moss, rocks and more.


Locals know that Thistle is an Ocean Beach relic when it comes to greenery. The company boasts five decades of providing customers with flowers fresh from the field, designed by experts Shannon Pierce and Melanie Freed. Thistle also has locally grown succulents, houseplants, boutique gift items like handmade self-care accessories and pottery.

Mud Lily

Mud Lily doesn’t offer flowers. But if you’re planning on becoming a regular consumer of floral arrangements, you’ll need artisan ceramics to hold them. Retail shop by day, Mud Lily moonlights as a pottery workshop.

They sell one-of-a-kind planters, vases, pots and more. As co-owners Susan Tull and Jo Ann Molter know, it’s a beautiful space to cultivate a crafty community in San Diego.

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