Beverage brands with wellness benefits are on the rise. Here are 4 to check out

Beverage brands with wellness benefits are on the rise. Here are 4 to check out

From coffee and tea to energy drinks and soda, we love our beverages. But many of our preferred drinks can undermine our health, which is why so many beverage brands advocating for wellness have popped up on the scene.

Non-alcoholic beverages have soared in popularity in the past two years, creating a boom in the industry. From the emergence of new beverage brands in the industry to increased product launches, non-alcoholic beverage sales shot up by a third in the US from 2020 to 2021.

With more consumers seeking out libations that don’t impair their wellness goals, the market has risen to meet their demands. We’ve compiled a list of the healthiest beverage brands with innovative missions so that you can enjoy flavorful drinks without sacrificing your diet, skin or digestive system.

OLIPOP – alt-soda

OLIPOP looks like your average can of soda at first glance. But if you read the product description, you’ll discover that it’s flavored with prebiotic plant fibers. Gut health is the name of the game at OLIPOP.

It’s an alternative soda with limited calories, no artificial sweeteners, 2-5 grams of sugar, 9 grams of fiber (that’s 32% of your recommended daily fiber intake!) and seven different flavors. Grammy-nominated actress, singer and songwriter Camila Cabello even recommends this botanical soda.

OLIPOP’s small-batch products include Old School Classics, Fruit Variety Pack and Pink Pops. The Old School Classics are for fans of traditional sodas. The Vintage Cola mimics the old-fashioned taste paired with hints of cinnamon, caramel and vanilla, while the Classic Root Beer carries a sharp botanical flavoring smoothed out with creaminess and topped off with extracts of vanilla bean, burdock root and sweet birch.

The Fruit Variety Pack has three flavors: Strawberry Vanilla, a tonic filled with strawberry juice, lemon and pink rock salt; Classic Grape, a marriage between grape and lime; and Orange Squeeze, a vitamin-rich citrus drink. The Pink Pops include the aforementioned Strawberry Vanilla and Cherry Vanilla, which tastes like a cherry pie with vanilla ice cream. But we can’t forget the balanced Ginger Lemon, a tangy treat for anyone who loves digestive power. Look out for OLIPOP’s upcoming flavor, Blackberry Vanilla.

Recess – sparkling water

Recess balances functionality with sweetness to bring you the perfect sparkling water for a chill picnic with friends. These bubbly drinks infused with hemp extract, magnesium, adaptogens and more slake your thirst while calming your nerves. And don’t get us started on the dreamy packaging. Each can of sparkling water sports a gentle color gradient complete with drifting clouds.

Recess offers three product lines: Recess, sparkling water infused with hemp and adaptogens to calm your mind and give you clarity; Mood, sparkling water infused with magnesium and adaptogens to lift your mood; and Mood Power, a powder infused with electrolytes, magnesium and adaptogens to lift your mood and calm your mind.

Flavors include Strawberry Rose, Black Cherry, Blood Orange, Blackberry Chai, Pomegranate Hibiscus and Coconut Lime.

Minna – sparkling tea

Minna dishes out organic, lightly brewed sparkling tea without added sweeteners. These teas have healthy, full-bodied flavors that refresh and rejuvenate. They even donate 1% of their profits to nonprofit organizations focused on inclusion, like Help Refugees, which provides emergency aid and long-term solutions for refugees, and Choose Love, which raises money for refugees in need via an e-commerce store.

Try the Pineapple Passion Fruit Green Tea for an antioxidant-rich beverage naturally sweetened by the vibrant flavors of pineapple and passion fruit. The Lime Hibiscus Rooibos Tea combines the tartness of lime with the sharp taste of berries to bring you a caffeine-free tea enhanced with rosehips. For a mellow afternoon ride, sip on the Orange Mango Black Tea. Check out other flavors at your local Whole Foods or online.

DRAM Apothecary – sparkling water

2022 winner of the Good Food Award, DRAM Apothecary has both herbal sparkling waters and adaptogenic CBD sparkling waters. They do not use preservatives, artificial coloring or sugar in their products, which they craft in the Rocky Mountains. If you’re looking for a beverage to improve digestive health or settle your stomach, DRAM is for you.

The Cardamom & Black Tea Sparkling Water, which won them the Good Food Award, is an all-natural drink that energizes with bright and earthy tones and gives you a kick of black pepper. The Lavender & Lemon Balm Sparkling Water gives you the gentle touch of floral flavor derived from Colorado-grown lavender and the subtle tang of lemon balm to refresh your day. Meeting these two sparkling waters in the middle is Citrus & Blossoms Sparkling Water, which is like a summer breeze in an orange grove.

Seeking out some CBD beverages? Try DRAM’s four flavors of CBD-enhanced sparkling water: Beauty Bubbles, flavored with bilberry and rose; Lemongrass, flavored with lemon and hibiscus; Gingergrass, flavored with ginger root and amla berry; and North American Sweetgrass, flavored with mint, vanilla bean and more.

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