We’re 25% kinder than we were pre-pandemic, says report

We’re 25% kinder than we were pre-pandemic, says report

Your own pain, if reflected on properly, instills empathy for others. And this is especially true now. According to The World Happiness Report, which talks to millions around the world, in 2021, we were 25% more likely to help a stranger, volunteer and donate compared to pre-pandemic times. And, this is in every part of the world.

Key comments:

“A decade ago, governments around the world expressed the desire to put happiness at the heart of the global development agenda, and they adopted a UN General Assembly resolution for that purpose,” said Jeffrey Sachs, President of SDSN and Director of the Earth Institute’s Center for Sustainable Development. “The World Happiness Report grew out of that worldwide determination to find the path to greater global well-being. Now, at a time of pandemic and war, we need such an effort more than ever. And the lesson of the World Happiness Report over the years is that social support, generosity to one another, and honesty in government are crucial for well-being. World leaders should take heed. Politics should be directed as the great sages long ago insisted: to the well-being of the people, not the power of the rulers."

“We found during 2021 remarkable worldwide growth in all three acts of kindness monitored in the Gallup World Poll. Helping strangers, volunteering, and donations in 2021 were strongly up in every part of the world, reaching levels almost 25% above their pre-pandemic prevalence. This surge of benevolence, which was especially great for the helping of strangers, provides powerful evidence that people respond to help others in need, creating in the process more happiness for the beneficiaries, good examples for others to follow, and better lives for themselves," the report wrote.

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