Do you know these zoomer TikTok slang phrases?

Do you know these zoomer TikTok slang phrases?
Source: “Saturday Night Live"

Whoever said zoomers weren’t creative obviously hasn’t witnessed their ingenuity on TikTok. Our team was sent some TikTok slang that current tweens and teens in the West are fans of.

Cheugy: Pronounced “chew-gee.” If you’re a millennial and binge-watch “Friends” or “The Office” in your Ugg boots while looking through minion memes or girl boss Instagram profiles – you’re officially uncool to zoomers. How do you use such a creative term? “Ew, that’s so cheugy, omg.”

Others include:

  • OK, boomer: This refers to the differences between the way boomers and zoomers think. It’s usually used when you don’t see the point in arguing. For example: “You think I don’t care about my career? Lol. Ok, boomer.”
  • Tea: Gossip. For example: “Spill the tea about what happened this weekend!”
  • Rent-free: As in something or someone you can’t stop thinking about. For example: “Are you still letting them live in your head rent-free?”
  • Ick: Someone who is an instant turnoff that makes you want to cut off all romantic relations asap. For example, “He showed up on a scooter and gave me the ick.”
  • Salty: Someone upset and acting petty. For example, “He’s just salty because I have more views than him.”
  • Cap: This has been used a lot by rappers, and it essentially means “no lie” or “for real.” For example: “You look soo cute, no cap!”
  • Ate that/left no crumbs: This is something done really well. For example, “They ate that TikTok dance! omg.”