Xiaomi accuses Indian agency of threats of violence during questioning

Xiaomi accuses Indian agency of threats of violence during questioning
FILE PHOTO: The logo of Xiaomi is seen inside the company’s office in Bengaluru, India, January 18, 2018. REUTERS/Abhishek N. Chinnappa

Chinese phone maker Xiaomi says that Indian officials made threats of physical violence against Xiaomi’s executives during questioning.

According to a court filing made by Xiaomi and seen by Reuters, the company’s former India managing director, Manu Kumar Jain, current Chief Financial Officer Sameer B.S. Rao and their families were warned they would face “dire consequences" if they did not submit statements the way the agency wanted them to.

India’s Enforcement Directorate issued a statement saying Xiaomi’s allegations were “untrue and baseless" and company executives had made their statements “voluntarily in the most conducive environment."

Key comments:

Jain and Rao were “threatened … with dire consequences including arrest, damage to the career prospects, criminal liability and physical violence if they did not give statements as per the dictates of" the agency, according to the filing in the High Court of southern Karnataka state. The executives “were able to resist the pressure for some time, (but) they ultimately relented under such extreme and hostile abuse and pressure and involuntarily made some statements," it added.

In its media statement, the Enforcement Directorate said it is a “professional agency with strong work ethics and there was no coercion or threat to the officers of the company at any point of time."