7 of the best investment apps in Hong Kong

7 of the best investment apps in Hong Kong
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Handling your financial life may sound complicated, with having to note and check your budget, investments and spending on a regular basis. However, the fintech industry has developed enough to offer us some handy investment apps that make the job easier. App investing can take these financial duties up, sparing us from the challenges of managing finances ourselves.

From buying and selling stocks to managing personal finances (think: your checking and savings account management, brokerage accounts, ETF trades and more), investment apps are a simple, cheap and convenient alternative to managing – and increasing – your money. Different investment apps can also teach you more about market trends, enhancing your investment journey.

With features like automated investing (so you can take a step back rather than monitor your investments constantly), investment advice and the ability to get started with smaller funds, investing and managing your financial life has never been easier.

However, with so many investment apps out there (all with different focal points), it’s essential to find the best investment apps for you and your financial goals. For example, you may need one with more educational resources and advice, or you may go for one that has lower commission fees. So, we’ve compiled a list of the best investment apps for Hong Kong investors with insights into the features of each to help you find something best suited to your needs.


Are you new to investing? If yes, Passfolio may be the best investment app for you. This app is deemed “the best online broker for newbies in Hong Kong in 2022” by Johnathan Merry, the founder of MoneyTransfers.com. Democratizing investment for everyone, you can easily open an account and trade both US stocks and ETFs with no commission fees. Plus, you only need US$100 to get started.

Passfolio has two subsidiaries – Passfolio Financial and Passfolio Securities. You can fund your accounts by depositing via wire, bank transfers, TED, Remessa Online or even cryptocurrencies using Passfolio Financial, then use these earnings to invest in securities. Equipped with a starter guide to investing consisting of tips and tutorials, this is a great starter investing app for your journey to generating passive income.

Alpaca Trading

Alpaca Trading is an application programming interface (API) stock trading platform, meaning that it establishes “a connection of coded algorithms with that of a broker’s platform.” This allows users to receive real-time price updates on potential trades within US stock markets, historical data and fundamental data.

Open to individuals and businesses, users can access commission-free, no minimum stock and ETF trades. The algorithmic trading available also makes trading easier, as once you set conditions for buying or selling, the system will immediately identify these opportunities for you as they arise.

“The founders of Alpaca believe that their software enables retail traders to benefit from machine learning and automation that have previously been available only to institutional investors,” explains Shane Liuw, an SEO Expert at First Page Digital comments. “Coders can create their own algorithms and contribute to the Alpaca developer community … Their platform includes capabilities for manual order entry and research."

CITIC Securities

Specializing in securities brokerage services and asset management, CITIC Securities covers Hong Kong and Chinese markets. Generally, CITIC Securities has no or low trading transaction costs, especially regarding Chinese stocks. Opening an account is simple and can be done completely digitally, with no minimum deposit required. With developing fintech features like its AI chatbot that quickly provides basic information of any stock, Merry adds that it is “(an) excellent source of information for researchers.”

However, as CITIC Securities is focused on the Hong Kong and Chinese markets, the limited availability of currency selection (the options being CNY, HKD and USD only) will cost you a conversion fee if your personal account is in a different currency.


With trading available both via desktop and mobile app, you can trade stocks, ETFs, crypto and options commission-free on Webull. The platform provides free tools like advanced charts, real-time quotes, technical indicators and more, and it’s known for its user-friendly interface. Making it easy for anyone to interact with both the Hong Kong and US markets, it’s an easy and cheap start (no membership and platform fee) to investing.


If you’re more experienced with trading, you may consider using XM. It is generally recommended for forex and CFD traders due to the low stock CFD and withdrawal fees, but it’s also known for the ease of opening an account as well as the multitude of educational tools available on the platform.

These educational tools include webinars, demo accounts and daily interactive live trading rooms, so even if you’re a beginner, XM can help you out. Although all trades are commission-free, there is a minimum deposit set at US$5 to start, and the minimum trade size is 0.01 micro-lots.


Copy trading refers to when you track the performance of an investor and essentially “copy” the trades of that investor. eToro is known to be one of the best stock copy trading apps, and its social trading helps any user learn more about investing and how to manage a portfolio. This allows users to develop a diversified portfolio and experience looking into stock trading options. The minimum deposit is set at US$200, and there is a US$1 minimum trade.


Registered by CySEC, FCA, DFSA, FSCA and the FSA, HotForex is considered one of the most trusted stock trading apps in Hong Kong. HotForex has joined the ranks of the World Finance Top 100 Global Companies, and it’s been rewarded with 45 awards for its recognition as one of the best investment apps in the industry.

The app offers educational tools for beginners, commission-free trading and diverse options for the type of account you want to open. With the multitude of features available, HotForex also has an unlimited demo account that can give you time to play around and get used to the platform for going all in. With a minimum deposit of US$5 and 0.01 lots for minimum trade, this app is accessible to all types of users, including those just starting out in the world of investing.