President Zelenskiy wants to talk with President Xi

President Zelenskiy wants to talk with President Xi
FILE PHOTO: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky gives a press conference at the end of an EU-Ukraine Summit at the European Council in Brussels, Belgium, October 6, 2020. Stephanie Lecocq/Pool via REUTERS

Since Russia invaded Ukraine last February, Putin has spoken to Chinese President Xi at least twice. Allegedly, Xi expressed respect for Russia’s actions. This isn’t that surprising since Russia and China renewed their pact against Western influence like three weeks before the invasion. They’re both permanent members of the UN’s security council and see themselves on the same side fighting Western influence and representing developing economies.

China might begin to withdraw from this agreement, though. After a couple of months of Ukrainian President Zelenskiy trying to get Xi on the phone, he appealed to SCMP. Zelenskiy said he wants to talk to Xi directly. He wants China to use its economic and political influence on Russia to stop the fighting. Beijing hasn’t yet responded to Zelenskiy’s invitation to speak.

Key comments:

“I’m confident, I’m sure that without the Chinese market for the Russian Federation, Russia would be feeling complete economic isolation," Zelenskiy said. “That’s something that China can do – to limit the trade [with Russia) until the war is over."

“The President of China noted the legitimacy of Russia’s actions to protect fundamental national interests in the face of challenges to its security created by external forces," the Kremlin said in June.

“I attach great importance to the development of China-Ukraine strategic partnership," said Xi back in 2021 after speaking with Zelenskiy.