What to expect from the world’s biggest tech conference: CES 2023

CES – aka the Consumer Electronics Show – is the biggest annual tech trade show.

What to expect from the world’s biggest tech conference: CES 2023
Source: CES

The backstory: CES – aka the Consumer Electronics Show – is the biggest annual tech trade show. At this show, held the first week of January, we get a sneak peek of incoming tech that innovators are working on this year. We see what's happening in the world of TVs, laptops, tablets, smart home gadgets, phones, cars and more – even things like smart toilets. And this year, for the first time, the conference has a theme: how technology is addressing the world's biggest challenges.

More recently: This year, CES runs from Jan 5-8 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Around 100,000 people are expected to show up. But, before the show begins, press conferences from major exhibitors start rolling out. This means that news about what we can expect has already started coming in.

The development: The biggest splashes we can expect this year come from smart home devices, EVs, the metaverse and tech sustainability. With smart home devices, there's progress in interoperability, which means that making your devices work together to create a truly smart home will be more accessible than ever. Matter, a standard created by the Connectivity Standards Alliance, aims to ensure devices from all different manufacturers, from Apple to Google to Amazon and others, work seamlessly together. New metaverse hardware is going to be unveiled as well. And look out for plenty of strange-looking EVS, as designers don't have to work with the limitations of gas tanks and traditional batteries or engines. For all of the new tech on display, many exhibitors will also show the sustainable and environmentally-friendly parts of their new stuff.

Key comments:

"My one weird observation is that when the pandemic started, everyone was really talking about baths, like Kohler's ultra-luxurious Stillness Bath, said WIRED senior associate reviews editor Adrienne So. "Now, people are more concerned about sustainability and water usage, which means that I'm seeing a lot of ultra-luxurious, uh, showers."

"CES 2023 will harness the power of human-to-human interaction to keep the innovation engine moving forward and have a direct business impact," said the show's website.

"CES is the world's most exciting technology event, from startups in Eureka Park to global brands on the main stages. We are thrilled to spotlight thousands of innovative companies at this year's show," said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of CTA, in a press release. "Tech advances are helping to solve the world's greatest challenges, and CES 2023 will set the agenda for the year ahead."

"I'm seeing more and more companies highlight how a product is made and whether it uses recycled or sustainable materials, which seems to be the trajectory where everyone is heading," wrote Julian Chokkattu from WIRED.