What will happen with AI in the near future?

We saw a lot of interesting AI developments in 2022.

What will happen with AI in the near future?
Source: Pexels/Pavel Danilyuk

We saw a lot of interesting AI developments in 2022. The whole AI image generator trend and ChatGPT going completely viral all happened within the past few months. But AI isn’t going to be any less visible in 2023. Actually, the near future of AI is a lot to take in.

Brian X Chen, the lead consumer technology writer for The New York Times, predicts: “For one, it’s very likely that next year you could have a chatbot that acts as a research assistant. Imagine that you are writing a research paper and want to add some historical facts about World War II. You could share a 100-page document with the bot and ask it to sum up the highlights related to a certain aspect of the war. The bot will then read the document and generate a summary for you.”

But AI will be making even bigger strides soon. It will be more than just a nifty tool or fun piece of gadgetry. In the future, AI could become a total necessity.

In the next few years, AI and Machine Learning (ML) could totally change how scientific research is done. For example, scientists will be able to look into ideas with computers that they haven’t been able to experiment with physically because of ethical or material constraints. And in the world of science, AI could also be a major player in addressing climate change. For example, AI could start to connect environmental policy and impact, figuring out exactly how different measures would actually affect the environment using data that humans can’t really sense.

It’s also becoming vital to business processes and strategies. According to a recent Deloitte Insights survey report, 61% of respondents say AI will “substantially transform their industry in the next 3-5 years.” According to Deloitte, “The future of robots in the workplace is increasingly turning toward ‘cobots’: Collaborative robotic teammates that work with us, rather than instead of us.” So, AI probably isn’t something to fear and (hopefully) won’t cause the downfall of humanity like many sci-fi tales tend to predict.