Liang Yi Museum presents – Majestic: Royal and Imperial Objects from the Liang Yi Collection

Liang Yi Museum presents – Majestic: Royal and Imperial Objects from the Liang Yi Collection

Founded in 2014, the Liang Yi Museum on Hollywood Road has established itself as one of the world’s leading private museums in less than a decade. The museum houses close to 7,000 artifacts from the Ming and Qing dynasties, including furniture, vanities and over 10,000 books on Chinese culture and history. Many of the pieces in the collection were commissioned and made by celebrated artisans who were granted warrants from royal courts around the world to share their insight into unparalleled craftsmanship.

Imperial Taste of China and Japan

Drawing from the Museum's permanent collection, this exhibition features an array of artefacts and objects that have been carefully curated to tell stories about the Qing Dynasty. From fine jades and lacquer-ware to antique costumes, explore a world of craftsmanship and cultural ambition. Liang Yi Museum is dedicated to preserving and showcasing the rich heritage of China, with collections like Ming furniture, Qing porcelains, Buddhist sculptures and more.

Royal Treasures of the West

This exhibition features a selection of traditional decorative objects from both East and West. It takes an international approach to the subject and can be classified into two broad categories: those with direct royal provenance as well as objects created in the taste of royalty. In this collection, visitors may explore artistry, craftsmanship and design that have been passed down through generations.

The exhibition opens on 17 February 2023, from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 am to 6 pm. By appointment, a guided tour can be organised for $200. Full-time students are granted complimentary access on Wednesdays, with prior arrangements; however, those under the age of 12 are unfortunately not permitted. The gallery can be found at 181-191 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong.