Celebrating women: Get to know Women of Hong Kong’s Andrea Estrella

By providing opportunities for connection and personal growth, WOHK paves the way for women to flourish.

Celebrating women: Get to know Women of Hong Kong’s Andrea Estrella
Source: Andrea Estrella

"Women of Hong Kong is not just about creating opportunities for women but about building a more inclusive, equitable, and just society for everyone.," explains Sarah Vee, the founder of Women of Hong Kong (WOHK) to TMS. "We want to show the world that women can uplift and empower one another, and it does not have to be lonely at the top."

If you haven't yet heard of Women of Hong Kong (WOHK), it's time to discover this extraordinary group. It is a beautiful celebration of the deep connections and vibrant community among women in this bustling city. By providing opportunities for connection and personal growth, WOHK paves the way for women to flourish.

Join us as we unveil TMS x WOHK's latest editorial initiative, highlighting remarkable women who are making a positive impact in our communities by uplifting others within the group. This week, we're thrilled to introduce you to Andrea Estrella, a dynamic entrepreneur, manager, investor and dedicated mother. Through her unwavering passion, Andrea has made an unforgettable contribution to the Latin community in Hong Kong.

Andrea Estrella, the co-founder of Mintē, has worked tirelessly to promote Latin artists on a digital platform and has played a pivotal role in breaking down barriers, allowing Latin American artists to showcase their work to a global audience. Her unwavering efforts have led to the creation of the first Latin American phygital agency in Hong Kong, providing artists with a platform to exhibit their work and receive recognition for their talents.

As the President of the Asociación de Mujeres de Habla Hispana de Hong Kong, Andrea has positively impacted the lives of more than 150 Spanish-speaking women. Her leadership has empowered women and fostered a strong sense of community among Latin women in Hong Kong.

Estrella's groundbreaking work with Mintē Art has earned her a place in history as part of the first non-fungible token (NFT) lunar museum. Her work was sent to space on a SpaceX rocket as part of a lunar gallery, providing artists with a unique opportunity to showcase their talent on a global stage.

Vanessa Mcphie, the founder of Eccobazar, nominated Estrella for this editorial campaign. Mcphie and Estrella share a passion for empowering women and promoting sustainable lifestyles. Despite coming from different industries, Estrella and Mcphie both have a strong commitment to fostering a sense of community among women and breaking down barriers in their respective fields.

"Andrea is a passionate entrepreneur, is an example of inspiration for those who value us to be mother and work for our dreams..." says Mcphie.

Mcphie made a bold move nine years ago when she left her previous job in the banking sector to pursue a new passion centered on promoting healthier lifestyles. Her creation, Eccobazar, provides a platform for women to connect, share their interests, and discover sustainable homeware, beauty products and other items that all women love.

As a fellow entrepreneur herself, Mcphie admires Estrella's unwavering dedication to leading her own art agency and promoting Latin American talent in Hong Kong.

We thank you for supporting this campaign, highlighting captivating stories of women from WOHK who are making a difference. Stay tuned for more updates from WOHK and TMS.