room 3 – Hong Kong's urban gastrobar will take you straight to the days of Tokyo speakeasies

Check out the newest gem in town – room 3, a trendy gastrobar serving up inventive drinks and delicious Japanese tapas.

room 3 – Hong Kong's urban gastrobar will take you straight to the days of Tokyo speakeasies
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The interior of a contemporary gastrobar room 3 in H Zentre, Tsim Sha Tsu, Hong Kong
Source: room 3

Calling all Hong Kong food and drink lovers! Check out the newest gastrobar in town — room 3, a trendy joint serving up inventive drinks and delicious Japanese tapas. Located in the H Zentre in Tsim Sha Tsui, this spot offers a unique dining and drinking adventure. With chic interiors featuring bamboo motifs and flexible seating options, room 3 creates a welcoming atmosphere for hanging out with your best buds. The venue offers three interconnected sanctuaries — "Akasaka Room," "Ginza Room" and "Roppongi," all with different vibes, depending on what you're in the mood for.

But what sets room 3 apart is their love for Hong Kong's culinary heritage. These cocktails are not your average drinks; they're a true reflection of the city's soul. Whether you're on a quest for new flavors or just looking for a great spot to chill with friends, room 3 should be on your list. Be sure to stop in and try out their latest cocktail collection, the "Ode to Hong Kong Hedonistic Pleasures,"  which is as enticing as its name.

Quick Facts

  • Where – Shop 1-3, UG/F, H Zentre, 15 Middle Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
  • When – Monday to Sunday, 4 p.m. - midnight.
  • Price – $$$
  • Phone – +852 6361 8505
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Can't-miss new drinks at Hong Kong's room 3

Ananas Epicé

Yellow cocktail with pineapple in Hong Kong from a bar
Source: room 3

Let's kick things off with Ananas Epicé – a pineapple-infused party in a glass that's perfect for beating the Hong Kong heat. This juicy and refreshing summer fruit concoction brings a burst of freshness that'll keep you coming back for more. Ananas Epicé combines Tried & True Vodka, kaffir peel, pineapple, yuzu and American spice, creating a unique and flavorful tropical delight. It's like a vacation for your taste buds – imagine sun, sand and spice all in one refreshing sip.

Levitating Cloud

Orange cocktail with mango in Hong Kong from a bar
Source: room 3

Summertime in Hong Kong calls for epic food adventures, and Cheung Chau Island is the go-to spot for local specialties like giant fish balls and mouthwatering mango mochi.

Speaking of mango goodness, room 3's in-house mixologists have crafted a stunning golden-hued beauty inspired by the fresh and chewy dessert. Picture this – mango-flavored Plantation Rum, fermented rice wine and mango curd coming together to create a delightful ode. But that's not all – a milky, salted cream cheese foam tops it off, giving you a taste of heaven, which explains the name.

Minty Highball

Hong Kong cocktail from a bar
Source: room 3

If you crave a refreshing twist, the Minty Highball is the answer. Celebrating Hong Kong's love for Chinese preserved plums, this mix of housemade dry gin, dry sherry, smoked plums, mint leaves and fennel creates a rare and unique flavor that cools you down in the heat. A tonic water spritz tops things off with a bubbly finish.

Sippin Sweets

A mixture of cocktail and dessert in a bowl- shaped glass in Hong Kong
Source: room 3

But here's the real treat – a cocktail that blurs the lines between drink and dessert. Inspired by a beloved dessert, sweet potato and ginger soup, this creative blend of Arquitecto tequila and Okar Tropic – a distillation of Gewurztraminer and Moscato wine with orange and tamarind – with lemon verbena, ginger and sweet potato is a burst of flavors. It even comes with a dried sweet potato morsel.

Don't forget the tapas ...

Japanese tapas dishes in Hong Kong
Source: room 3

Of course, drinks with friends call for yummy snacks on the side. room 3 has you covered with its Japanese tapas menu. Grilled to perfection, each yakitori takes you on a culinary journey to Japan. Grilled Cheese Fish Cake, Takoyaki, Grilled Tuna Jaw and Japanese Crab Meat with Dried Cod Crackers – these delectable bites are perfect for sharing while you sip your way through the new cocktail offerings.