Get to know MIRROR - Hong Kong's hottest boy group

MIRROR, the Cantopop sensation, is on the cusp of celebrating five years.

Get to know MIRROR - Hong Kong's hottest boy group
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If MIRROR is unfamiliar to you, it's time to tune in. MIRROR, the Hong Kong Cantopop sensation, is on the cusp of celebrating five years. Their journey began on ViuTV's "Good Night Show – King Maker," where 12 talented individuals united to form this musical powerhouse in 2018. In a music scene often dominated by international hits, MIRROR's emergence signifies a revival of local musical pride. Their secret? A deep passion for music, a strong bond among members and diverse talents ranging from acting to dance. These qualities led to numerous awards, including "Best Group" at the 2022 Metro Radio Hits Music Awards. Now, let's meet each member, starting with Keung To, the show's champion.

Keung To

Keung To, the second-youngest in the group, made big waves in 2020. At just 21, he clinched both "Most Popular Singer" and "Most Popular Song" at the Ultimate Song Chart Awards. Beyond group endeavors, Keung To ventured into solo music, acting and diverse brand collaborations, including HSBC’s PayMe, McDonald’s and MTR Mobile.

Quick Facts

  • Stage name – Keung To / Keung Show
  • Chinese name – 姜濤 (Keung To)
  • Birthday – April 30, 1999
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Ian Chan

Ian's journey unfolded uniquely. While at The City University of Hong Kong, where he majored in public policy and political science and excelled as a national volleyball player, a love for music quietly grew within him. During his freshman year, he took a leap of faith and joined ST Entertainment. Since then, music has been a central part of his life. Ian's fingerprints grace the melody of "Snail (蝸牛)" as a vital member of the group.

Quick Facts

  • Stage name – Ian
  • Chinese name – 陳卓賢 (Chan Cheuk Yin)
  • Birthday – June 19, 1993
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Lokman Yeung

Lokman, once known as Terry, started out as a dance instructor at Dance Kingdom. He's a Taekwondo champ and has quite a history on screen, working with big names like the Department of Health Hong Kong and McDonald's since 2013. Lokman's destiny led him to MIRROR, where you'll spot him rocking a headband, and his fans fondly call themselves the "Headband Army."

Quick Facts

  • Stage name – Lokman
  • Chinese name – 楊樂文 (Yeung Lok Man)
  • Birthday – September 26, 1989
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Frankie Chan

Frankie, the band's senior figure, effortlessly slips into the "big brother" role within the group's dynamic. In his pre-MIRROR days, Frankie dazzled on stage as a dancer, embracing the spotlight. His philosophy revolves around making deliberate choices to steer clear of regrets. Frankie's life mantra is simple but profound: "Think before you leap." Undoubtedly, his decision to join "Good Night Show – King Maker" was carefully considered. Beyond his musical talents, Frankie showcases his versatility as a performer, leaving his mark on screens in the drama "In Geek We Trust."

  • Stage name – Frankie
  • Chinese name – 陳瑞輝 (Chan Sui Fai)
  • Birthday – July 29, 1988
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Alton Wong

As he's a primary rapper and dancer within the group, you might assume that music and performance define Alton's life. But there's more to him than meets the eye. Before his music journey, he built Power 78 Gym as a fitness trainer. Beyond the stage, he's a marathon enthusiast and masters the mesmerizing "wave" moves, highlighting his sculpted abs. An interesting fact about Alton is his deep passion for motorcycles, which even led him to host the hit show "Free Riders."

Quick Facts

  • Stage name – Alton
  • Chinese name – 王智德 (Wong Chi Tak)
  • Birthday – September 21, 1989
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Stanley Yau

Stanley, just like the rest of his teammates, loves to dance and act. He's been with the Chestnuts Dance Crew, where he clinched the championship title at Hong Kong's World of Dance Competition in both 2019 and 2023. What makes Stanley unique is his experience in Taiwanese drama, particularly in the series "Trinity of Shadows."

Quick Facts

  • Stage name – Stanley
  • Chinese name – 邱士縉 (Yau Sze Chun)
  • Birthday – August 20th, 1990
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Anson Kong

Anson Kong, along with his teammate Lokman, leads MIRROR. In 2014, he started as an idol trainee in South Korea but faced a roadblock when his debut fell through. Back in Hong Kong, he kept pushing forward. His daily grind involved rigorous dance and singing practice, leading him to a spot on a survival show.

Quick Facts

  • Stage Name – Anson Kong
  • Chinese name – 江熚生 (Kong Ip Sang)
  • Birthday – October 16, 1992
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Jer Lau

Jer, a standout vocalist in MIRROR, took an unconventional route. After graduating from Hong Kong Baptist University, he transitioned from a reporter to a contestant on ViuTV's 2018 reality show. Despite an initial setback, a discerning judge saw his potential. In 2020, Jer launched a successful solo career with popular tracks like "The Shape of Water" and "The Firefly of Galaxy." His music often delves into pressing social issues and identity themes.

Quick Facts

  • Stage name – Jer
  • Chinese name – 柳應廷 (Lau Ying Ting)
  • Birthday – November 20, 1992
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Anson Lo

Meet another Anson in the group, Anson Lo. He's the English rapper and main dancer with a background as a dance instructor and backup dancer. Anson achieved a milestone in 2021 by winning the Best New Asian Artist (Mandarin) award at the renowned Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) in Korea. This award is a big deal, as MAMA is one of the most-watched music award shows in Asia. Anson is also an actor, having appeared in "Ossan's Love" and the Taiwanese drama "Sometimes When We Touch."

Quick Facts

  • Stage name – Anson Lo
  • Chinese name – 盧瀚霆 (Lo Hon Ting)
  • Birthday – July 7, 1995
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Edan Lui

Edan, nicknamed the "quadrupole talent," excels in music, film, TV dramas and variety shows. He honed his skills at the University of Hong Kong, studying business information systems. Not just a brainiac, Edan's mastery of the violin and piano has captured hearts. He kickstarted his acting career in "Showman’s Show" and went on to star in hits like "Dark City," "We Are the Littles" and "Ossan’s Love."

Quick Facts

  • Stage name – Edan
  • Chinese name – 呂爵安 (Lui Cheuk On)
  • Birthday – January 21, 1997
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Tiger Yau

Tiger, the youngest in MIRROR, is lovingly known as the "baby" of the group. With a background in Latin dance, guitar, drums, martial arts and, of course, dance, he's a multitalented artist. Tiger's passion for fashion shines through with his apparel brand, "Dézert." Tiger effortlessly blends styles, from Japanese streetwear to casual wear, adding a unique flair even when performing in costumes.

Quick Facts

  • Stage name – Tiger
  • Chinese name – 邱傲然 (Yau Ngo Yin)
  • Birthday – July 3, 1999
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Jeremy Lee

Jeremy's dream was always to shine. From a young age, he sang and danced, even trying his luck as a K-pop trainee, but that door remained closed. Yet, this journey gifted him fluency in Korean and a global fanbase. His solo track, "Dream Speech," stands as a heartfelt thank you to his steadfast supporters. You might've seen him on shows like "Being an Actor," "Showman’s Show" and "We are the Littles."

Quick Facts

  • Stage name – Jeremy
  • Chinese name – 李駿傑 (Lee Chun Kit)
  • Birthday – September 8, 1995
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