OpenAI and artificial superintelligence

Now that we’ve come so far with AI, are we close to an era of artificial superintelligence?

OpenAI and artificial superintelligence
People take pictures of anthropomorphic robot at the opening of Russia Expo, promoting country's regions and industries on the National Unity Day, in Moscow, Russia November 4, 2023. REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made leaps and bounds over the past year or so, boosting humanity’s hopes and fears of advanced technology. Now that we’ve come so far with AI, are we close to an era of artificial superintelligence?

Artificial superintelligence (ASI) isn’t real … yet. In theory, ASI would be a tech system that’s designed to surpass human intelligence. ASI would not only be smarter than humans but also more creative and possibly more aware. Normal AI, which is what we see being developed and available for consumers, is really just made to mimic human intelligence. It lags behind us, generating content based on what humans have already created.

We’re only just getting a hold of regular AI at the moment; ASI isn’t going to be fully realized anytime soon. Still, tech firm OpenAI has its eyes on breaking the bounds of AI tech, getting us closer and closer to ASI. 

Recently, it went to its biggest financial backer, Microsoft, in an appeal for funding to build GPT-5, currently running GPT-4. Microsoft has already signed over billions to OpenAI, and it’s begun integrating OpenAI’s GPT-4 tools into its products.OpenAI's CEO, Sam Altman, said that the partnership between the two companies has been "working really well.” He also said that he sees Open AI raising “a lot more over time" from its investors to keep building more progressive AI models.

Last July, ​​OpenAI applied to trademark "GPT-5,” which the application described as "downloadable computer software for using language model." It would also generate "the artificial production of human speech and text" and "natural language processing, generation, understanding, and analysis."

Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI has his eyes set on creating artificial general intelligence (AGI), which is the next step toward realizing ASI. AGI wouldn’t surpass human intelligence but instead be just as intelligent as humans by using similar cognitive abilities. 

“Those are channels into our one single product, which is intelligence, magic intelligence in the sky. I think that's what we're about," Altman said about his ambition toward AGI.