HYROX highlights at the third Fitness + Wellness Expo in Hong Kong

A throng of 12,000 fitness enthusiasts flooded the expo, showcasing their strength and prowess in activities like the Ninja Obstacle Challenge, Deadlift Challenge, Dodgeball and more throughout the weekend in the city.

HYROX highlights at the third Fitness + Wellness Expo in Hong Kong
Source: FWE

Last weekend, on November 25 and 26, the third Fitness + Wellness Expo (FWE) at AsiaWorld-Expo dominated our social media feeds as fitness enthusiasts poured in. Packed with gear, participants joined the two-day fitness extravaganza, featuring popular events like Hyrox and various fitness zones. The expo covered 250,000 square feet, drawing an impressive 12,000 participants.

Within the expo, there was the HYROX Fitness Race, USAPL Winter Mania 2023, and collaborations with Chubb Life HK and Humansa Health. The expo showcased over 100 health brands, featuring an F&B zone with well-known industry names. 

“We are happy to present the third edition of FWE,” explained Charlz Ng, Co-Founder of Hybrid Group. “It has now become one of the most anticipated events for fitness lovers. Not only did we bring HYROX to Hong Kong, we also lined up a diverse selection of classes for people of all fitness levels, hoping to make exercise fun and approachable to more.”

Sixty-nine-year-old Catherine Chow, a participant in the event, said, "I've engaged in running for a decade but found it challenging to enhance my speed. Consequently, I initiated body training. Eventually, I sought to push my limits by attempting HYROX. It proved to be a genuinely invigorating experience, fostering a sense of camaraderie as you strive for a common goal with a group of young individuals and soak in their vibrant energy."

HYROX featured top performers in the Men Pro category:

  • Tanguy Cruz (France)
  • Tom Rodgers (Australia)
  • Christoph Lex (Germany)

In the Women Pro category:

  • Jessica Short (Australia), 
  • Biddy Sefton (New Zealand), and 
  • Amal Hanyn (Morocco) secured top positions.