Here’s everything you need to know about the Hong Kong MTR

So you've got your sights set on exploring Hong Kong's vibrant cityscape – but how do you navigate this bustling metropolis like a pro?

Here’s everything you need to know about the Hong Kong MTR
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So you've got your sights set on exploring Hong Kong's vibrant cityscape – but how do you navigate this bustling metropolis like a pro? Meet the Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway, aka the MTR – your trusty sidekick for zipping across town with ease. It's the best cheap, efficient and downright convenient way to traverse the urban sprawl, from its air-conditioned comfort to free Wi-Fi. A little insider knowledge never hurts, and that's where our comprehensive guide to the MTR comes in handy, with everything you need to know about tickets, routes, stations and more.

Quick MTR tips

  1. Octopus card: Grab yourself an Octopus card for getting around Hong Kong. Just tap and breeze through!
  2. Mind the gap: When boarding the train, watch your step and be mindful of the gap between the platform and the train.
  3. Stand right, walk left: To keep things flowing smoothly on escalators, stand on the right and let speedy walkers pass on the left.
  4. Avoid peak hours: Trust me, you don't want to be squished in like a sardine during rush hour. Aim for off-peak times if you can.
  5. Keep it clean: Help keep the MTR spick and span by tossing trash in the bin. It's also great to always offer your seat to those in need.
  6. Watch your stuff: Keep an eye on your belongings. Better safe than sorry!
  7. Know your exit: Listen up for station announcements, and follow the signs for your exit. No one wants to get lost underground!

Tickets and Octopus cards

Single Journey Ticket:

The Single Journey Ticket is your golden ticket for a one-time ride to any station you fancy on the day you grab it. Whether you're craving dim sum in Central or eager to shop in Causeway Bay, this is the best option if you have one particular destination in mind. It's also super easy to get – just swing by any MTR station and hit up the ticket machines.

Tourist Day Pass:

If you're planning to explore every nook and cranny of this vibrant city, then the Tourist Day Pass is your best bet. With this, you've got unlimited travel for a full 24 hours. That means you can hop on and off the MTR as much as you like, soaking in all the sights and sounds of Hong Kong without worrying about topping up your fare. It's available at Customer Service Centres within MTR stations (except Lo Wu, Lok Ma Chau, Racecourse and Light Rail Customer Service Centres) or online, making it easy to grab before you embark on your Hong Kong adventure.

Octopus card:

Now, for residents or those looking to stay a bit longer or make multiple trips, the Octopus card is your go-to travel buddy. It's a lifesaver for frequent travelers or anyone planning to stick around and explore for more than a couple of days. You can grab an Octopus card from any Customer Service Centre and load it up with credit whenever you need. Just swing by your local 7-Eleven, McDonald’s or Starbucks, and you're good to go.

MTR lines

Now, since we've given you the lowdown on MTR tickets and Octopus cards, welcome to our quick lesson on Hong Kong's MTR lines. With a whopping 11 lines to choose from, each painted in its own vibrant hue, navigating the city has never been easier (or more colorful). But with so many options at your fingertips, the only question is: where will your MTR adventure take you next? Feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the lines and colors? Read on for our quick cheat sheet.

  • Island Line (dark blue): Kennedy Town to Wan Chai
  • Kwun Tong Line (green): Lam Tin to Whampoa
  • Tsuen Wan Line (red): Tsuen Wan to Tsim Sha Tsui
  • Tseung Kwan O Line (dark purple): LOHAS Park to Yau Tong
  • Tung Chung Line (orange): Hong Kong to Tung Chung
  • Disneyland Resort Line (pink): Hong Kong to Tung Chung
  • East Rail Line (light blue): Hung Hom to Lo Wu / Lok Ma Chau
  • West Rail Line (light purple): East Tsim Sha Tsui to Tuen Mun
  • Ma On Shan Line (brown): Tai Wai to Wu Kai Sha
  • South Island Line (light green): Admiralty to South Horizons
  • Airport Express (dark green): AsiaWorld-Expo Station to Hong Kong
  • More information
  • MTR route map

MTR exits

Navigating through the bustling MTR stations can feel like a maze sometimes, but don't get overwhelmed. Most stations boast multiple exits, so take a moment to scope out the ones closest to your destination. Keep an eye out for signboards pointing you to notable landmarks and buildings accessible from each exit.

And if you're feeling a bit lost, there are station maps that highlight where each exit leads. If all else fails, turn to Google Maps for a digital helping hand, or better yet, fire up the MTR mobile app for some guidance. And if you're still scratching your head, don't hesitate to swing by the Customer Service Centres within the stations for a friendly nudge in the right direction.